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“I have read everything and studied them all. If my office building were burning and I could take just one thing with me to secure my future I would grab my daily track and all my Jim Camp negotiation training materials.Period.” —Robert Harrison

“I’ve been through 21 years of business development training. I’ve read hundreds of books and heard countless tapes and CDs. Jim’s negotiation training system and his CDs are unequaled. Nothing comes close. Period. This has been the most effective means of communicating I have ever encountered. The Camp System of Negotiation Training works every time! Thank you Jim!” —Martin Hamilton, Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist®

“I loved “No” so much I took the liberty to share it. My friend raved about it. That is what will happen with this negotiation training book. It will be shared and itsnegotiation teachings will spread….a winner but so much more important is all the great things that will come from all the people you have and will touch in the future.” —Mayor Gary Graham, O’Fallon, Il

“Who would’ve thought the word NO would open up a world of possibilities? But NO by Jim Camp does just that. Forget everything you’ve heard about negotiation training and embrace NO as a way to get exactly what you want.” —Mike Carruthers

“First we had no chance of replacing the incumbent without deep discounts, then we were told that free spare parts would be required and all this from our own team. You start negotiation coaching and 18 months later we replace the incumbent for a full price, no discount $285,000,000, thehighest spare parts contract ever and the highest on-site service contract ever. Admit it Camp, you were just lucky, right. The board told me to tell you, It’s official, you are the secret weapon.” —Dave, Chairman/CEO, capital equipment company

“When our entire team got their negotiation training CDs, I began measuring andwithin 30 days we brought in more than double the prospects and tripled the size of the sale. It is amazing to hear our call center using the negotiation training system to set appointments. Stress is way down, slower comfortable speech, no wasted time dealing with objections, and the prospects are real. They make appointments that stick. I can’t say enough about the Daily Track negotiation training CDs it really is the track to greatness. Anybody who is selling or buying anything should have these or they are crazy.”  —Amy

“YOU have hit it out of the stadium. I will tell you this, my children will study this when they turn 12, I will see to it. I am convinced, there will be those who study this and work with you and then there are those who will be taken advantage of and never get there. You areAmerica’s negotiation expert, period.”  —Nicki Malatos Heyman

“My staff told me the industry would not stand for a price increase no matter what happened in the Middle East. No matter what oil prices did. But your negotiation coaching with rookie account executive Susan brought that agreement in with a solid price increase that will mean an additional $8.5 million this quarter and each quarter for the next four quarters. Brilliant. You are sure putting the pressure on the guys who don’t need negotiation coaching. Keep up the great work.” —Chris, CEO, chemicals company

“Thank you for the best training I have ever gotten. This was worth the price of admission and more. In the last 15 years I have taken more courses on sales and management than I can remember. This will bethe one I use from here on out and the one I will recommend to my sales reps as well.” —Alex Martinez

“While I have always enjoyed negotiation it was always on the fly and by the seat of my pants, quite stressful and often I could barely articulate what I wanted, let alone know why some negotiations worked really well and others didn’t. Your course has increased my confidence, improved the quality of my communications, forced me to look for the core of the various negotiation problems I have encountered and not to delay but to get the discussions moving along. Also another benefit has been observing how organised you are, your patience and encouragement, and general approach – which rubs off on me, motivating me to raise the bar.” —Graeme

“Your book that I read the first time 7 years ago really changed my life. When I was a chef of a restaurant in the DC area, life was quick. Fast paced fine dining kitchen where every detail mattered. They still do. I found myself having to negotiate not million dollar deals, but I needed for the people who worked for me to see and understand the importance of the high quality of all the small details that would separate us from the rest and be the best restaurant. I used your books techniques 50 times a day.” —Alex

“I highly recommend this course. Whether you realize it or not, you are constantly involved in negotiations. Jim Camp’s system is eye opening and easy to apply in major contract negotiations as well as in every day situations. As I began working through the course, I was able to immediately apply the principles I was learning. Knowing how to negotiation is an invaluable skill and I found Jim Camp’s unique approach to be very successful.” —Travis, Los Angeles, CA


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