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“Your book was instrumental and dare I say life changing. I read it cover to cover over a weekend before a salary negotiation with a tech startup. Your framework provided me with the tools necessary to get the salary and equity that I needed / wanted. And it was much easier than I thought. I almost felt like I was cheating using your framework. I want to get all your certifications up to the highest level. I think your course is worth $28,500. $4,875 is a bargain for what I will gain. I am ready to roll.” –L. A. Barnhart

“My sole purpose in contacting you is simply to say thank you. In 1987, I was a rookie salesman at the International Trading Group in San Mateo. Over the years, one of my true goals has always been to honor my teachers and Jim, of all my teachers, the one whom I’ve honored the least that deserved it the most was you. Your instruction to me was hands on, delivered mostly one-on-one, a fantastic practice of sitting desk-side with us as we worked the telephones.

Of the many lessons you taught me, the one that came into play this morning, was just to be honest and to ask for help when you need it, humbly and having checked your ego at the door. In my work, both over the phone and in e-mail this very morning, it was the spirit of the lessons you taught me, back in 1987, that were there for me, Jim. Now that’s teaching. The truth is,every working day from then till now, one lesson or another that you taught me has been present for me, Jim.

A man’s soul requires that he remember, and more, that he honor those who have taught him. No, the teacher doesn’t require this, but the student’s soul does, Jim. I pledge that I will correct my many, many failures to honor you over the years, and I look forward with tremendous anticipation to our next conversation on the phone! —Pasquale (Pat) Scopelliti

“We are so far ahead in the amount and quality of responses we receive back from our cold calls, and from prospecting! We do not sound like just another hotelier grinding out the daily rasher of calls… we sound more like a consultant who would be a value to their business. They realize quickly they can actually gain monetarily, as well as time, energy and stress savings, by talking to us and working through us. We practice a much more mature level of conversation with higher level decision makers. Clients seem much more willing to talk. We actually hardly “sell” at all. By us asking the right series of questions, we uncover their pain, and they talk themselves right into what we have to offer!” —Monica Gaylord, National Sales Office

“Start with No® has changed my whole business model. Stress is down because I no longer allow myself to become needy. It was one of the best business books I have ever read. I look forward to the next one.”  —Gary Hehemann, Prime Lending

“I would like to say your negotiation coaching was the key but as important as it was, the negotiation training system is what does it. It does exactly what a system is supposed to do.Solves problems. As you know I own and I’m passing it on to my children. My compliments to the team.” —T. J., entrepreneur

“I have heard and tried every cold calling script, read every book, and until I heard Jim’s prospecting CDs I was just wasting my time. They are so unbelievable. I have listened to them 10 times at least. I learn something new every time. I am now taking notes when I listen just as a reminder. The whole thing is no one else is teaching negotiation and sales training the way you guys teach. I didn’t believe it but you guys “are” the secret weapon.”  —Jerry Proctor

“For the last three years we were told by our customers if you raise prices we will go to your competitors. My staff wrings their hands and they just know we can’t raise prices. “We’ll lose them,” they say. You come on board and in 9 months we have a price increase that will net us more than $43,000,000 over the next three years and a happy customer. Don’t you dare tell anyone you work with us. You’re our secret weapon.”  —R.R., Chairman/CEO, manufacturing equipment company

“Can’t let this new year start without telling you what a tremendous life experience this is for me. I thank you for coaching me on negotiation, and am quite impressed by your Dad’s profound insight. I am [being] enlightened. To all of you, my deepest thanks, gratitude and appreciation, but mostly I appreciate all your negotiation training work on my behalf.” —Daria

“Without you I lose $20,000,000, and with you my stock is well over $100,000,000 in valuation. Thank you for your negotiation training and coaching. Without it the company is sold for pennies on the dollar.” —Walter, Chairman, private high tech company

“I am moving aggressively forward. Incidentally, it’s already helped me more than I could have imagined. I’m in the middle of negotiations with two multibillion-dollar retailers, and I’m looking at things very differently now than I would otherwise have done.” —Client Executive, R Inc.

“I have the negotiation training CDs and have been listening over and over. VERY impactful.  —Steve Chandler

“You could have been writing about me in “No” — I found it very difficult to say no to clients throughout my consulting career. As a result, I frequently took lower fees than I should have, and took on added commitments, using up huge amounts of time, than I should have. This is a must read for all consultants and other professional service providers who have been pressured into lower fees and/or added freebies by their clients–where was Jim Camp when I began my consulting career?”  —Lawrence Chimerine, Ph.D, president, Radnor International Consulting, and former Chairman and CEO, Chase Econometrics and the WEFA Group

I read your book 5 times……WOW. I was getting nowhere with my old selling and negotiating way and then…..I read your book. One word…..WOW! I have noticed an magnificent change in the way my clients are responding to me. I was hired on contract by an organization that was impacted by my testimony and they are purchasing your book and using it. I have referred your book to countless people and will continue to do so. Thank you so much for sharing some of the best wisdom I have ever received and if you knew my training background you would know that I am paying you a huge compliment. —Matt Loehr, President, Dare to be Different

“I applied for a study in Washington DC program at Notre Dame which is pretty hard to get into – only 15 people are accepted each semester, and they accepted me into the program! The program director said (during the interview!) that she was struck by the fact that I didn’t focus as much on “selling myself” as other people did, but on how I might “fit” with the program. She said it’s kind of tiresome to have a bunch of students saying the same things over and over as selling points, but the fact that I’d obviously done my research about what kind of student they wanted and was able to show (rather than tell) her how and why I’d fit with the program was a big plus. Something I was a little surprised that she told me when she let me know that I’d been accepted was that she felt like I connected with her on the level of a program directorrather than as a student interviewing for a position, since I’d actually taken time to think about what her concerns might be and what the process looked like from her point of view. I found it very interesting that even though the dynamics of an interview are quite different from a negotiation, some of the very same negotiation training techniques still apply and work very well.” —Elizabeth Jordan

“I’m delighted with the negotiation training CDs. Learning a lot more… taking notes. Listening again and again. Humbled. And excited.” —Meri Aaron Walker, President, Between the Lines

“A negotiation training book that works. I applied it and it worked. Actually blew me away at how well it worked. The deal was great, the money was great but what I got and never expected was confidence. No guessing, no fear of losing, just calm confidence. I never dreamed a book would be able to tell me what to do, why it must be done that way, then how to do it, and deliver the goods. Your “Test Drives” make it so easy and even better, negotiation becomes comfortable. I did what it told me to do. I prepared with your checklist and in the negotiation I was calm and the emotional strength was incredible. Mark my word, “No” will become a classic must read.” —Phillip Bingham, CCP., Director Perfusion Services, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Parkersburg, WV

“When the letter came telling us to cut our prices or lose the business there was panic. First question in the staff meeting was how much can we give them? The Oregon giant was squeezing us and it looked like we would have to shut down the U.S. plant. 4 months later we have a price increase that will mean an additional $44 million in margin but the increase in share from 60% to 80% makes us a major winner. We would never have figured it out. The negotiation training system and your coaching is unmatched. Nobody is even close.” —Ray, electronic components company

“I was astonished by the negotiation training techniques involved and how many situations they could be used. They were simple, yet untapped potential for me. As I read chapter after chapter, it was almost as if someone was wiping the haze from my windshield of life.”  —Jamie

“I recommend learning this system of negotiation to any business person who wants powerful negotiation training tools and a workable format to organize a proven negotiation approach on all levels of business decision-making. The negotiation training, coaching and personal interest that Jim Camp Jr. showed to me have raised my ability and willingness to confidentially approach anyone and know that by interacting with me they will benefit…even if they say NO.” —Doug Gemmell

“I have thoroughly enjoyed your negotiation training book “Start with No®”. In fact, I think it is the absolute best book on negotiations I have ever read… And my bookshelf is bursting with books on this topic. It has helped me greatly in perfecting my own style of effective negotiations.”  —Scott Britton

“Jim, I just had to tell you that because of you I am staying in commercial real estate. I was ready to give up when you started coaching me. It is incredible what happens when I am driving and listening to all the negotiation training CDs but especially the cold calling CDs. They are amazing. I literally have meetings every day I want them. My calendar is full and I have closed more property in the last six months in this tough market than I had in the past two years. You told me you would coach me and teach me how to fish; you have. I told everyone in my office about you and they still think I am just lucky. Good for me. I am the top guy by a lot.”  —Craig Lambkill

“Just a note to thank you for all you have done for me and my career. The contract we just completed is the largest, most profitable in our company’s history. The record was $1.8 million with a 36% margin and ours came in at $2.6 with a 49% margin. I just have to tell you, you make it easy. Let’s do it again. Thank you.”  —John, VP, services company

“I would have never thought it possible until it happened. For 2 years our biggest customer — I call him the network giant — had claimed we owed them $3,000,000 and we would never get another order from them unless we paid. You start negotiation coaching, not only do we not pay the $3,000,000 but within six months we have an order for $180,000,000. I know it makes sense with your negotiation training system but anyone looking at this from the outside has to say, ‘they were lucky.'” —Lew, CEO, circuit systems technology company

“I don’t read that much these days but I have to tell you I was shocked with your new negotiation training book, “No.” I found myself locked on the negotiation training examples and how they made perfect sense. What you have done is give me a negotiation training book that I can give to my family, children, friends, associates and acquaintances that I know will make their life better. We all hope to make a difference in this life. You have.” —Frank Jacobs, The Jacobs Group, Inc.

“How do you tell people about something so different and so powerful without spilling the beans? The Daily Track negotiation training program on CDs is a masterpiece. It is simple but it is spot on the money. That Daily Track negotiation training program on CDs is a negotiation training book in itself.”  —Bobby Gruddy

“We would like to thank you for your negotiation training book “Start with No®,” which we have both read, and which has inspired and motivated us to seriously consider starting a business. We are two ladies who live in Kharkov, which is the second largest city in Ukraine, and we care very much for the future and destiny of our country. We see a growing need to use such negotiation training and coaching programs in Ukraine, especially in the light of our existing links with your country and growing links with Europe.” —Irena Vodchenko and Victoria Gorushko

“I was about 23 years old and worked for World Savings as a loan officer when I signed up for a year’s worth of negotiation training and coaching. Your negotiation coaching and information has been invaluable to me and has stayed with me all of these years. I now am a mortgage broker at one of the most exclusive brokerages in the area as well as have my own team working for me. Which with the proper systems in place I can continue to be a driving presence in my market place as well as spend valuable time with my husband Scott and son Nicholas. I truly believe that the negotiation training systems you taught me so early in my career have enabled me to be where I am today. Congratulations on your new negotiation book. My plan is to purchase a box of them and give them out to my real estate agents I work with.” —Nicki Milatos-Heyman, Mortgage Strategist, The Heyman Group at First Blackhawk Financial Corp

“When the law firm brought in the hard ball broker who said his client would move out without a discount for the next lease, my Win-Win trained negotiation broker choked. Now it was 3 against one. The tenant, his broker and my broker ganged against me. All my broker could talk about was losing the tenant and we had better give them a lower rate for the next 10 years. He said, “if you lose him it will be impossible to fill thousands of square feet and it would be a terrible loss.” Jim,while you hid in the weeds telling me what to do, I picked up an additional 5 years on the lease and a total of $12,000,000 additional rent from the old lease. Amazing.What a negotiating weapon you are.” —G., real estate owner

“I applied what I’ve learned when I went for an initial inspection. After a quick inspection of the property I knew I had to charge more than what was quoted on our invoice. I explained to our customer that I could not complete the job to the their satisfaction at the current price. I kept my part of the negotiation simple and to the point. I didn’t hesitate to say no and I was comfortable when I asked for more. I then gave them an option to take or refuse my offer for the higher price. They agreed to the new contract and gave us the job. It took me a few hours to complete it but it was worth it. Not sure if it’s okay to enjoy a negotiation but I did. I appreciate you being in business.” —Tae Pak

“I just wanted to thank you for your book, NO. I just finished reading it and found it extremely insightful, truthful, and helpful. I am a private business owner, a basketball strength & conditioning coach, and a soon to be father of twin boys… so your teachings will most certainly help me in every aspect of my life and I look forward to putting your system into practice. Thanks for your great work. I wish you the absolute best with all you do.” —Alan Stein

“Hello to you from Ukraine. Your book is great! True great book! True great man you are! Mr Camp, great respect and great thanks for you book!” —Ruslan Babich

“Probably the number one thing I learned was the importance of setting an agenda and objectives before going into a negotiation meeting, and I now do it religiously. I also used to make the mistake of trying to negotiate with “win-win” negotiation in mind. I no longer do that, but also understand the impracticality of making such a one sided deal that they wouldn’t be able to fulfill their obligation. I now ask LOTS of questions trying to determine what’s really going on.” —Bob Arone

“Your negotiation training theories are treasure, and if you take time reflect on them, and let it become part of your habits, they are very powerful. I found very practical how to ask questions, but the most powerful one is painting their pain. I believe, that your negotiation training theories go down right into the heart of things, while most other negotiation training theories just scratch the surface, or try to teach you negotiation “tricks.” Also The Camp System of Negotiation® requires the negotiator to do really what he or she is hired to do: negotiate. Leave outside the negotiating room their ego, prejudices, greediness, and concentrate on how to achieve the most in that negotiation meeting. I found your negotiation training book the easiest to use as reference. It is very easy to look up negotiation subjects, and quickly refresh the negotiation ideas. I found the negotiation training system the most powerful, as it forces you to think over really what was said, filter it through yourself, and this way it has more impact.” —Attila

I have gone over the negotiation training CD program several times. Just to review and listen, and to take notes and absorb. I apply the negotiation training principles to my current job as a product designer at a counsultant firm. While learning about the project I avoid yes/no questions and dig for as much info as possible. Even ask obvious questions. Just keep the project manager talking. One thing I took away from the negotiation training CDs is you can’t ask enough questions. Even when I think I know the answer, there might be some other bit of info that will tip me off to an aspect of the products use or market that I hadn’t realized or even been aware of. The other thing that I have applied it to is my biggest vice, the discussion of politics. I just ask questions now. Much like the exchange you had on the negotiation training CD with the win/win guy. Just keep asking questions, figuring out the best questions to get the mental image going in the opponent’s mind is the interesting part.” —Michael Konieczny

“All my life “no” meant rejection and I hated the pressure. No double talk, you are the master at demonstrating to all of us that “no” is just a beginning and is just a decision to be changed. Not only do you tell us how to change no’s to yes’s, you show us and support us as we go through the “Test Drives” in the negotiation training book, “No.” This negotiation training book will change lives and should be on every desk and kitchen counter top. Required reading for every member of any family and for any effective team.” —Kristin Lund, Vice President, Praise and Leadership Schools

“In 2004, I was a happy man, who believed in win-win negotiating absolutely. Life was OK, no clouds in sky. In May 2004 I was appointed as a man in the middle between marketing and IT department in a Czech Republic telecommunications company. During that time I met on IT side with a manager who was kind of negotiators you call tigers. All negotiations became a nightmare for me and all my colleagues. Although we won from time to time, we were beaten many, many times. One colleague of mine even left company because of that. What a negotiating master the IT guy was. Even our company vice president wasn’t able to do anything with him !!! He used early yes with thousands of ifs and buts all the time, he abused our kindness in all possible ways, abused internal rules; we had to fight fiercely even for small things–it was unbelievable. And in those times I started to realise that my negotiating approach didn’t work effectively and that I have to find something that would help me to deal with really tough guys. Your negotiation training book provided me with some answers and helped me understand why we were beaten by the tiger.” —Josef Muknsnabl

“I still can’t get over the fear in the meeting to discuss what could be done with a losing contract. If you raise prices they will leave us and never come back. If we even tell them we need relief they will leave us. We are stuck, we’ll just have to eat the $100,000 per machine. That is what I heard until you came in the negotiation room. You sat back, gave me a negotiation checklist to execute and three weeks later I had a check for $2.4 millionfor machines already delivered to boost our profits to 41% and an increase price change addendum for the future machines and $10.0 million for R+D for the next generation technology. I have been instructed to have you visit the next board meeting. I hope you will come. Thank you.” —R, CEO, equipment company

“In No, Jim Camp not only teaches a new way of negotiation thinking by reinforcing the important role of “No” in successful negotiations, but also breaks down the complexities of the art of negotiation into a practical, straightforward negotiation training system that will dramatically improve your negotiating skills at work and at home. In contrast to other negotiation training books that are limited to a mix of ideas that can fade away over time, this negotiation training book clearly outlines a winning negotiation training strategy that will change your behavior and produce results! This negotiation training book should be on the desk of every professional, parent, student, manager, employee, and entrepreneur.” —Carl Wright, President/Owner, Wright Land Development

“I highly appreciated the negotiation training, and found it entirely relevant to my sales activities. I’ve adopted many of the negotiation training methods, and likewise find that I need to ensure I practice these negotiation training skills to get better, so I have ample homework for myself to continue to personally develop. I found the negotiation training scenarios very helpful to test my applying negotiating skills.” —Peter

“Thank you… After having your CD’s sitting on my shelf for a week, tonight I finally popped them in. My only regret is letting them sit on the shelf for a week. Your message shakes the foundation of conventional thinking. I find your process to be enlightening, inspiring, and most important a true practical edge in today’s business landscape and equally as important on the home front.” —Jason

“Your negotiation training program has served me well in real estate. The most critical issue seems to be the focus on keeping one’s emotion in check. Buying and selling a home can be incredibly emotional and if the agent can’t help the client to keep balanced in reference to their goals, it can cost them not only financially, but also in the attainment of the home they’re trying to purchase.” —Phil Hurtig

“I’ve actually purchased many copies of your book and used it as a text for my staff during a two day seminar I developed. I also recently used it during a luncheon for our engineering staff. I’ve listened to your tapes many times.” —Bernard

“I’m pleased to report that I used The Camp System of Negotiation® successfully this weekend when buying a car from a local dealer. Sure, I hit my price goal (did plenty of research) – but what’s infinitely more rewarding is that I felt in control because I was using your negotiation training system. I focused on 3 things: Blank Slate (no positive or negative expectations), No Talking/Don’t Spill the Beans, and No Closing. I also reminded myself not to save the adversary. I knew their pain (final weekend of a holiday month – last chance to hit sales quotas). And, I said “No” when the situation called for it. I wasn’t perfect, but I was always only one decision away from correcting any bad decisions. I can’t thank you enough for your negotiation training system.It means a lot to finally implement appropriate behaviors in a negotiation. And, thanks for the learning agenda. —John McCoy, NWSC Finance

“Several months ago I picked-up my first copy of Start with No®! by Jim Camp. It was the first sales/negotiation book that I read cover-to-cover and have since re-read twice. I have become a dedicated student of the “Camp Method” negotiation training and have realized tangible results in both my professional and personal lives. I have found “NO – The Only System of Negotiation You Need For Work And Home” to be equally compelling. Camp’s no nonsense illustrations of actual negotiation situations make for a fun and interesting read, something anyone can easily relate to. Jim proves yet again that you can teach an old dog new tricks.” —Scott Warner, Territory Sales Manager, Spectra Logic

“Jim Camp’s negotiation training process had its beginnings as an effective business tool, but in my experience it has so many applications to all parts of life that it could be called a philosophy. And it works.” —Ron Weinberg

“No: The Only Negotiating System You Need for Work and Home is a precise guide to the everyday life of negotiating. I use it whether I am talking with a senior executive looking for mortgage advice or with one of my teenagers. The negotiation training principles are universally adept to all walks and ways of our lives. From the task of being less needy, the art of accepting “no” is a beginning and not an end to the Mission and Purpose we should have for our everyday existence. If you follow the simple and direct negotiation training methods of the author, Jim Camp, you will succeed in business and in life. It is a top read for me and I can’t wait to go through it again.” —Brian K Lauter, Mortgage Advisor, Fairway Independent Mortgage, Southlake Texas

“We found ourselves in a situation where our patent was hijacked, negotiations sabotaged, and my husband fired from the county he worked for in order to extort ownership; all without paying us a dime. For large deals most people hire an attorney, as we had, to help in our negotiation which was a big mistake because it’s predicated on compromise, which is nothing short of ‘how much money are you going to give away unnecessarily.’ What is certain is basic math. Basic economics, time is money. If you’re paying by the hour or even commission, at some point it becomes cost effective for your attorney (in their mind) to compromise i.e., win-win negotiating and you never wanted to give away that kind of money and now you’ve found yourself in a bad place. Suddenly, you realized that your attorney has become your adversary. All too often, millions of dollars of client money is lost pursuing a win-win negotiating deal. I say NO. Jim Camp is able to hone in on negotiation training issues that can seem like ‘certain’ or ‘sudden’ death in a negotiation — many times due to our own incorrect negotiation training actions and behaviors, making us our own worst enemy. With the disciplined negotiation training that you will learn from applying the negotiation training principles in this book you can certainly do better in negotiations than you ever imagined possible. After reading Jim’s negotiation training book you too can apply his disciplined negotiation training techniques, to pull yourself out of a similar mess as we are doing. $300.00 an hour for attorney fees, or this book… —Jan and Larry O’Keefe, Members, Crystal Lake Enterprises, LLC

“No is a good word, a very good word. As in, no fear, no problem, and no failure will be yours if you take the principle message from this book to heart. Jim Camp is a master of negotiation science, strategy and practice. With this negotiation training book he has given us the ultimate field guide through the negotiation jungle and beyond it, into all of life’s negotiation challenges! NO will give you an unfair competitive advantage in any negotiation. Jim Camp has earned the right to write this negotiation book, he has been on the front lines of battle and business. NO provides the reader with a practical “how to negotiate” street manual born of sound psychological principles. Jim’s book is about what really works, not what sounds good. Anyone who has the challenge of negotiating anything with anyone must read this negotiation book. This negotiation book is very readable and hard to put down. There is no other book on the topic of negotiation or selling that has influenced me more. Use it, embrace it, and internalize it. NO is your manual for negotiating anything with anyone.” —Howard Maslich, President Specialized Training Services

“People pay thousands of dollars for negotiation training information like this. (I did.) Now it’s available for the price of a negotiation training book. Ever wonder why more of your conversations, agreements, sales pitches, and deals don’t go the way you want them to go? The answers are in this book. Other negotiation strategies made sense on paper but didn’t work in the real world. This negotiation training book explains why.” —Steve Gildersleeve

“I just finished your 2nd negotiation training book and love it! About 4 years ago, I took on an assignment at Cypress to develop business among a set of billion dollar customers in the most cut-throat market in Asia. At that time, we were constantly being asked for “cost down” just to keep the existing or even smaller share of the business. Every negotiation meeting started with the customers telling us why we were a bad supplier and the only way to clear our name was to give them “cost down.” I picked up your first negotiation training book at SFO airport on the way to Asia and decided to walk in saying “No.” I have better relationships with all those customers today, and we have penetrated those accounts with our entire Cypress product portfolio rather than just the ones the customers used to cherry pick based on that month’s pricing. The biggest negotiation training revelation for me in both of the books is to give the customers the opportunity to say “No.” I can visibly see them making a mental commitment to help me overcome the barriers as they spell out all the barriers for me.” —Bien Irace, Sr. VP Worldwide Sales, Cypress Semiconductor

“Jim Camp delivers priceless insight into the world of negotiation. At first glance one might be tempted to assume that a book on negotiation is just for business and salespeople. Jim shows us that negotiation is something that is happening almost all of the time during your interactions with others. In almost every aspect of your life, you’re either buying or selling something, and it doesn’t always have to do with money. Many people, myself included, react to situations out of habit in ways that do not serve our short or long term goals. We keep doing what we’ve always done. We keep getting what we’ve always gotten. Unsatisfactory results! This is a blind spot; you need to recognize this and find a better way to deal with the world. Here it is. NO shatters dysfunctional belief systems that we live with. NO shows us the way out of our darkness. In the pages of this negotiation training book are the keys to breaking free of poor performance habits, and behaviors that sabotage our self-esteem and the negotiation results we are getting. The components of the negotiation training system are easy to learn, and not as counter-intuitive as is mentioned in the book. In fact, once learned, it’s hard to not employ the negotiation training system. This is not a system of tactics or lessons in manipulation! This is a negotiation training system that shows you how to understand and deal with issues that you are constantly faced with in the world of negotiating. Learn the components of the negotiation training system and you will find yourself navigating through negotiations as a positive process with favorable results. The negotiation training principles in this negotiation training book are a practical and sensible guide to solving what seems a mystery to most of us.Here are the negotiation training tools you need to successfully negotiate in business as well as in your personal life.” —Michael Palmer

“NO indeed, this is a book you give to everyone in life you care about. Jim Camp takes the fear of failure and guesswork out of negotiating on all levels, and delivers a clear, concise plan to help you learn a whole new way of naturally thinking, behaving, acting and reacting, that will leave YOU in complete control.” —Sue Woodard, Financial Talk Radio Host

“No The Only System of Negotiation You Need for Work and Home … WORKS! It is a negotiation training book you must read and study, use it as a guide, you will cut your success cycle in half. It should be required reading and it should be a guide for life for every high school and college student who wants to make a positive difference in this world.” —Bob Boehlke, Board of Directors, Texas Pacific Group

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