“Jim Camp taught me more in 30 days than I had learned in 25 years as a global Sr. Vice President of Sales.” —Mike Rodensky, Sr. Vice President Sales

“The Camp negotiating training system is second to none. I highly recommend their negotiation training courses as well as Jim Camp’s published negotiation books. All the services will show you a return on investment before you even complete them!”–Tim Davoren, Senior Account Executive at Careerbuilder

“Jim Camp created a revolution with the methods that he innovated and then outlined in “Start With No.” He has had more impact on the negotiation world than anyone else since Roger Fisher and William Ury. His chapter on interrogative questions is the best on the subject I have ever read. His method of preparation is completely unique and it gives you an edge that you can’t get anywhere else. We incorporated his thinking into the strategies to free hostages in the FBI’s international kidnapping response program and took our performance to a new level.” —Christopher Voss, retired FBI head hostage negotiator

“Jim Camp has forgotten more about negotiating than other so-called ‘experts’ ever knew. You’ll benefit greatly from his wisdom and pragmatic advice.” —T.J. Rogers, Chairman and CEO, Cypress Semi Conductor

“Perhaps once or twice in a lifetime you’ll meet someone outside the scope of your immediate family that’s an enabling force, empowering you to change some aspect of your life. Jim Camp is that person for me. His insightful, ground-breaking ideas and concepts on negotiation have empowered me to take my professional and personal relationships to an entirely new level. His books and all of his lectures were “Aha!” moments… no longer did I fear the negotiation process. Indeed, I looked forward to it. I recall an 11th hour negotiation with a large semiconductor company, where a $6 million order was on the line. I needed it that afternoon. Using Jim’s techniques, not only did I get the order that afternoon, but I negotiated a $600,000 premium! That was pure profit that went right to the bottom line of the company. It never would have happened without the confidence and knowledge I gained from my coaching sessions with Jim Camp. That’s just one of hundreds of times I’ve used his system in the past 15 years since I’ve learned it. Bottom line: Jim Camp understands negotiation in a way that no one else ever has. I’ve proved it time and time again. You owe it to yourself to learn Jim’s system. It will change the way you approach any negotiation, and it will change your life.” —Dave Fessler

“I read “Start with No®.” Hands down, it’s the best (out of 12) negotiation / sales books I’ve read thus far. Without disrespect to Zig Ziglar, Roger Dawson, and others, I needed a little more than inspiration and a pep talk. I needed negotiation training examples, tutelage, and methods to improve my skill set. Your negotiation book gave me that.”  —Michael Brizendine, Account Executive, Robert Half Technology

“The board approves $85,000,000 for the acquisition. I hope we spend $50,000,00. You coach me on negotiations, and we get it for $16,000,000. Everyone now calls me lucky and I just smile. I am not going to tell them about you but don’t worry there are many more to do.You make it fun.” —Bob, CFO, capital equipment industry

“I received your materials a few weeks ago and all I can say is “Thank You.” I have read both books and just started on the CDs. In two short weeks I have seen dramatic results in my production. Instead of being needy and focusing on quotas I’ve done exactly as you instructed. By concentrating on my activities and behavior my appointments are through the roof. Better yet when I sit down with folks I’m hoping for a “no.” I never thought I would say that. Thanks again and if you are in Washington DC in the future let me know. I would like nothing better than to meet you face to face.” —John McAdams, Mortgage Loan Officer

“The Camp System has elevated my thinking and provided me with a system that I can apply to both business and personal interactions. Stop burning your money and time on win-win, compromise, etc. When you’re ready to stop settling for mediocrity and get serious about your career contact Jim. With this system I have opened the doors to accounts that would otherwise have only been a wish or a dream.” —Chris Clark, Account Executive, Webb Insurance

“Your system has become the foundation for all my interactions, frankly personal as much as professional. Your books sit right on my desk and are used frequently! I’ve said it before and will say again, your negiotiation tools are the best, period end!” —Brian Fitzgerald, Director of Sales – Americas, QuickLogic

“My name is Peter Geisheker. As a business owner, the negotiation of sales agreements is the life blood of my business, as it is for most businesses. Getting agreements signed to generate work and income for my firm is my number one priority. However, the negotiation process is stressful and I feel that I am stuck always having to compromise and lower our prices or offer freebees to get an agreement signed. The whole “win-win” negotiation methodology only seems to help my clients get lower prices and free services while greatly reducing and sometimes even eliminating my firm’s profit. Win-win feels much more like buyer wins, seller loses his shirt. That all changed when I listened to Jim Camp’s, “The Power of No” audio learning series through Nightingale-Conant. Jim explains that traditional win-win BATNA negotiation does not work. It never has and it never will. All it does is force the seller to give away the farm to get an agreement signed. There is no such thing as win-win, especially when negotiating a sales agreement with a large company. You as the seller are always at a huge disadvantage because the buyers at big companies have been highly trained in PICOS negotiation strategies to drive down your price so you cannot make a profit. If you do not know how to counter the dirty PICOS tactics that will be used against you, you are dead in the water. Jim explains PICOS tactics, how they will be used against you, and how to counter them using his revolutionary neuro-science based negotiation system to get what you want out of the negotiation instead being forced to compromise. Jim’s system helps you get the price you want and deserve. It truly puts you in the driver’s seat in every negotiation. If you are sick and tired of being taken advantage of when negotiating and giving away your profits, I highly recommend you buy “The Power of No”. You are going to be amazed at Jim’s negotiation system and how it helps you get everything you want. Win-win negotiation does not work and if you keep using it, you will never achieve the success you will achieve if you learn and apply Jim Camp’s proven negotiation system. Do yourself a big favor and buy it now.” —P. Geisheker, CEO, The Geisheker Group, Inc.

“Jim, you gave me a copy of your book “Start with No®” in 2003. In 2004 my bookings were up 70% because of what you teach. In 2005 I was the number one Captain in sales for Grey’s Taxidermy in the world. Again in 06 and second in 07. Bottom line over $375,000 in found revenue because of you.”  —Tight Lines and Screaming Reels, Captain Teddy Beir, Lethal Weapon, Key West, FL

“I’ve got your negotiation training CDs and started to listen intensely to them. (again & again just to be sure that I understand fully & correctly). Interesting, very interesting, they (CDs) aredefinitely worth their money, in my opinion. Thanks a lot.”  —Josef Muknsnabl

“Do you know why you are the world’s number on negotiation coach? You are the only negotiation expert in the world. You know why? Because as you say in the book, your system gives us the tools to deal with the commotion of emotion in negotiations. No one else in the world does that.” —A writer in Canada

“I finished the three-CD set. I started the 20 point system daily track. I listened to the CD’s two times & created a sheet. It definitely has changed me, my daily behavior & my daily habits. It’s making me more focused on my daily goals with my ultimate personal mission & purpose in mind. What an eye opener! In addition, I’ve created a script for prospects when they call me directly or when they leave a message. I’m batting 100% in setting up appointments for the office manager. My payday is around the corner. Now my next goal is to do “cold calls”. I’m very nervous about this part; this is way out of my comfort zone but I’m going back over the CD set on cold calling. Each time I listen, I pick up something else that keeps reducing my “fear”. I tried it for a couple of days — BOMB CITY. But I realized I didn’t have a clear picture of what I doing. Since then, I’ve been working with the office manager and my picture is alot clearer. My fear in doing call calling is getting much lower. thanks! My negotiating skills in general have improved dramatically just listening to your CD’s. I’m so excited because I’ve never felt this much control before. My only response is WOW!  —Don Kiebke

“When I first heard you speak at the Inc. conference you made perfect sense on what I was missing in negotiation training. When we began working together the perfect sense turned into millions for me and my family. I will be forever be grateful.”  —Bob, business owner, Kellogg graduate

“First, I’ll say outright that I love your negotiation book, and the negotiation training CD course is excellent. There’s no question in my mind that Start with No® is the finest work on negotiation available today.”  —Shawn Michael Fisher, Fisher Biomedical Incorporated

“I was really amazed at the negotiation outcome. Our adversary, who started with a firm, no move stance, almost became malleable as we not only achieved our target walk-away, but we exceeded it. Ended up being worth millions of dollars which we could have left on the negotiation table! And at the end, I do believe that both negotiation parties were happy with the negotiation results. I am now a true believer.”  —D. Kevin Kwok, Vice President and Chief Business Officer, Dynavax Technologies

“Once again Jim Camp has made a very sophisticated negotiating training strategy seem straightforward and easy to follow. What is especially impressive is the number of facets of one’s life in which his negotiation training strategy can be deployed. One tends to think of negotiating training as reserved for the business world, but while critical everyday on the business front, when reading the negotiation book “NO: The Only Negotiating System You Need for Work and Home” you quickly realize what a difference this negotiation training strategy can make outside the business world as well. The Camp negotiation training strategy is simply empowering and it has become second nature and indispensable to me in every part of my life, business and personal.”  —Theresa L. Adams, President & CEO, Principia Partners LLC

“I took your negotiation class in Berkley in 2003 when you booted the Intel crew from class and to date it is the most valuable class I’ve ever attended. I learned a lot about negotiations but more importantly I learned how to use mission statements. I write mission statements for everything I do – big or small. Strip lines were pretty cool too. Thanks and keep up the great work.”  —Chris Nichols

“I was struggling in 2009. I was laid off from a wonderful company with a great brand name, that sadly no longer exists. I struggled to find another job as well start a business in the ‘Great Recession’. I was not getting anywhere and was very frustrated, when a friend suggested the “No” book. I started reading it, and was stunned by the brilliance and originality of Jim Camp. There are few books and ideas that grab you and make you think. Jim’s book did. I then contacted him to get some help, and after a brief conversation, Jim wisely told me that I simply did not have the foundation for him to help me. Given his integrity of speaking the truth, my belief in his ideas and per his advice, I enrolled in the Camp Negotiation Institute, and am now in the final stages of getting a solid foundation as a negotiator. I am very confident and excited about tackling any negotiation I encounter. I have to thank Jim Camp for making this possible, and of course the friend who introduced me to his ideas. I am long ways to obtain mastery as a negotiator, but given the solid foundation I have now, I wholeheartedly recommend the Camp Negotiation Institute and Jim Camp, whose negotiation system is unique, unparalleled and brilliant.” Rohit Gupta

“I have finished reading half of your latest negotiation training book and very soon will complete the book and I can tell you that this is the best book I have read ever. I am very very excited and this negotiation training book has opened a new mindset for me. I am ready to learn more about this new negotiating training system and want to teach others the same because I believe that only 1 in 1000 people in the business world know this amazing negotiation training system.”  —Sameer

“I am very fond of your books. First I read “Start With No” in 2004. I liked it so much that from that time I aways bring it with me (along with the “No” book) wherever I go. I read it continuously all the time. Probably I cannot express all I feel about it now. The same applies to your audio-books and CDs. In short, I am very happy to learn from you. Thank you again.”  —Andrey Zhdanov

“”Start With No” Camp Negotiaton Institute Courses Let me start off with the following statement: I am 99% heart and 1% brains. Now that may be an exaggeration, but I really want to drive home the point about what is important to me in business and in life, that being, heart. Now heart is a great thing. You can look at numbers on a piece of paper that show you are losing and say, “I am going to turn this around!” I look at people around me that just complete their activities and tasks because it is their job, but lack in heart, and I don’t want them on my team. I believe that heart is the most important factor one can bring to the table in any environment, be it sports, business, friendship or family. Having said that, having heart without having a system, checklist, or boundaries on myself can also be a huge detriment. It is easy for me to make decisions because in the moment it felt right or I just wanted to close the deal so I could be a superstar. Having heart without having the right activity and behavior goals or a solid mission and purpose can easily turn me into a boxer fighting aimlessly against the air. The will to win and the will to be the best means nothing if I don’t have a goal towards which I am working or a solid reason for my decisions. The Camp Negotiation System has given me what I have needed to further my maturity in all aspects of my professional and personal life. From being able to make good decisions based upon a valid mission an purpose, to ridding myself of neediness and negotiation from a position of power, I am much more complete now than I have ever hoped to be. This system has given me something that puts me head and shoulders above my competitors and has given me a confidence in myself that causes me to believe deeply in the value I bring to my company. When I am lost and do not know how to approach and project, great or small, I spend time developing my mission and purpose, and the actions to take next become crystal clear. When I am having a hard time moving a negotiation forward, I get inside the adversary’s world by asking questions that help them paint their pain, and I know what to do next. When I am looking at my numbers for the quarter and focusing more on my objectives than on my actions, I create my activity and behavior goals, thus causing my stress to subside as I build belief in my plan. Having all the charisma, charm, intelligence, and heart in the world is great, but not having a system in place that helps make use of all those qualities is similar to having a keg of gunpowder without a match…unlimited power without the proper fuel to use it. I highly recommend the Camp Negotiation System.”  —Rone Middler

“All I have to say is WOW. I’ve listened to the first 3 coaching cd’s for the past few days. I’ve replayed them several times and I always pick up something new. You’ve opened my appreciation of the whole negotiation process. And I’ve just listened to the first three cd’s. I can’t wait for the ending!!!”  —Don Kiebke

“As a clinical social worker, I deal with many people who have often been traumatized as a result of being denied the right to say no. Jim Camp convinced me that when delving into that emotional pain with patients, I need to always start with no. I am grateful to have learned the negotiation skills essential to determining the pace that patients need to safely heal and progress.”  —William Chase

“I have just finished reading one of your books. Let me express my sincere congratulations. It is wonderful. Smart book, you really add value. Also thank for your articles about Russia with very balanced words about the country and people.”  —Alexander Kopylov

“Jim Camp, for being a leading negotiating guru if not the most looked to negotiating expert in the world, was just a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with Jim for years to come!”  —Tom Gauger/ReelMusicianPro

“I ran across a mention of your book in another book I was reading. As management in a top health insurance company, previously working in the office of the general counsel – I really wish I would have known about your book then. Absolutely outstanding. The win-win suggestion is so pervasive in business literature. I had picked up the Getting to Yes at the library back when – I really didn’t like it for some reason and didn’t get far. I can think of many times that I felt my internal business clients were letting the vendor “take” them on business terms attempting win-win. (legal didn’t negotiate business terms generally). I now realize how many times I gave on legal terms, just to be a team player with the major vendors. What a bunch of BS! I am almost mad at myself. Oh well, it’s in the past. Thanks again, this is a true game changer for me now that I am cognizant. Hope the feedback is beneficial. —Chris Sobota, JD, MSBIT

“I am only on chapter 4 of the negotiation book Start with No®….but I have to tell you this is great. I wish I had learned this 20 years ago. We are in the Executive Recruiting business and work in the area of negotiating everyday….I believe this will be an invaluable tool for me not only here, but in other areas of life as well. After reading the part about…I don’t know if we are right for you, I just don’t know….I put that to the test in an email to one of the largest potential customers in our area – his administrative assistant called me within 30 minutes to set up an appointment in two weeks. I’ll let you know how it goes….but I’m going to start off with giving him the option of saying No right from the start. Anyway, thank you for what I have read so far. I am looking forward to the Camp negotiation training techniques I will learn.”  —Gene Head, Senior Partner, Wheless & Associates Executive Search™

“Just finished reading your first book, Start with No®. I’m now reworking my sales efforts to incorporate the processes you discuss. Thanks so much for being so clear and encouraging.”  —Phil Lane, Sales Professional

“Through the past several years I had the pleasure to read and re-read the negotiation book Start with No®, Jim Camp’s initial discourse on the strategic negotiation value of the word, “NO.” In his latest negotiation work, Jim broadens and amplifies his negotiation training ideas and demonstrates the power of NO with a set of negotiation training principles to guide the negotiator. His extraordinary negotiation training concepts cannot be dismissed as mere contrarian notions. Jim takes us step-by-step through negotiation training processes with insightful examples and simple practice methods that demonstrate how the “NO” principle leads us to the best negotiation decision. In a world of copious loads of information, hashing and rehashing sameness repackaged as new and improved, Jim Camp delivers a fresh and bold body blow to the gut of those anxious to get to yes. If you can master the “NO” negotiation training principle, then you will become a powerful negotiator.”  —Dave Ison, Attorney

“Start with No® really helped me out when I needed to negotiate a freelance contractduring the depths of the dot.com recession. I thought you would appreciate this note that I just received from my brother in the medical billing field after I recommended your negotiation training book: ‘I used exactly the techniques that the negotiation book suggested and my customer just agreed to a rate increase from 5.49% to 7.49% (a 36% increase). Like I told you we were losing money each month on the account so now it will be profitable.’ Not only did my brother succeed in getting a rate increase, he worked out some mutually advantageous processing procedures with the client and renewed their relationship. I noticed that you have a new negotiation training book. I will buy it.”  —Don Miller, Senior Technical Writer, MedQuist Norcross

“BOTH OF YOUR BOOKS ARE AWESOME!!! I agree with understanding neediness, just seeing what Microsoft has said to Yahoo. Reaffirms –EVERYTHING you teach.”  —William Clark, Mortgage Advisor

“I was fortunate to have seen and heard you speak at the Sheraton with Troy McClain this past month. What impressed me the most was your website and your list of books! I wrote notes while you spoke about laser like vision and Emerson’s essay on Compensation. You mentioned your passion for our youth and I handed your daughter our address and my son’s name. You sent the book and I have been reading it! It is all I can do not to highlight and write in the margins. I am in the mortgage field and just got hired on to First Mortgage Corporation in Upland. The company is doing great. We have been in business 35 years and do FHA, CalStrs and CalPers, First Time Home Buyer Programs etc. One of the things that I read from your book is how I can change my behavior and the actions I take. I have been more motivated and productive.Thanks so much for your encouragement!”  —Dianna Anderson, Loan Officer, First Mortgage Corporation

“Thanks for writing the negotiation book “NO”; it’s a staggering change to most of what I’ve learned about selling, but it aligns so much better with the values I’ve always felt have been buffeted by the ‘traditional’ ways. I’m looking forward to starting to put it into practice.”  —Jeff S. Wiebe

“Your team coached me through Coach2100 back in 2008. Your system has dramatically changed my business forever.”  —Chris Clark, LUTCF, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

“My intention was to congratulate you for your methodology. I’ve just read your last book and it was very helpful on a tough negotiation I had last week in USA. It was amazing. I live in Brazil but I work as consultant for the printing industry all over Americas. I read a lot of books annually considering I am also a teacher of strategic management for post-graduate courses but your book was one of the most impressive that I’ve read recently. It is incredible to see how effective it is. Thanks a lot for your return. I’ll certainly contact you shortly when I am involved in negotiations like I had. We are always involved in such matter and I still have to learn a lot despite my 56 years old.”  —Hamilton T. Costa, AN Consulting, Brazil

“Having just finished Chapter 5, of the stuff I’ve had a chance to read this time, this is the best. I think it’s phenomenal and may be the best overall representation of the entire system. It’s very revealing of the benefits of the system, yet doesn’t actually give away all the nuts & bolts. It struck me the most as indicating that there is a lot to the system not in the chapter. I think it would be the best at making me want to know what else is there if I was new to the entire course. It’s an exceptional chapter and very well written.”  —Christopher Voss, Founder, Black Swan Group

Back in 1993 — 1994 I was still in the life insurance business; Jim was the speaker at the monthly Orange County Life Underwriters breakfast meeting at the Pacific Club, Newport Beach. I was one of the agents in the audience Jim used to demonstrate his approach. Jim’s impact that morning was such that two other agents from the Ford Meehan Agency of Massachusetts Mutual joined with me in purchasing The Negotiator Coaching Series, the cassette tape version of the series Jim offered at that time. I ended up with the set after my two friends had listened to the tapes.

Not long thereafter I retired from the life insurance business and moved to New Hampshire to attend the University of New Hampshire and study sociology. I had been serving on the board of Friendly Center, Orange, California. Friendly Center is a community and family resource center serving clients in the oldest barrio in Orange County. After a short time with Friendly Center it was oblivious that forty-five years in the business world and Navy had not prepared me to understand and address the root problems Friendly Center was engaged in solving. I was unsuccessful in engaging local academics in working with us, so I decided that I would become my own expert. It was time for a change of scenery and climate. Moving to New Hampshire would give me a chance concentrate on my studies and provided a graceful way to free myself from the role I was playing in several social and service organizations.

The Negotiator Coaching Series was packed away in a box and didn’t see the light of day until my return to California and I unpacked the box it was in. I thought, why not review the manual and listen to the tapes, there may be some ideas here that I can use. The day was February 10, 2010. It is the day my life began to change for the better. A sailor would say that this was the day I regained my bearings, began to rediscover and define my course or purpose in life; came to course and hardened sail.

Many major changes do not demonstrate a striking contrast at the beginning and are incremental in the early stages. But the man at the helm, recognizes the changes in his bones, his soul resonates to the note he has been listening for all his life, his ship responds to a sensed awareness of mission and purpose. What happened to me as I followed Jim’s instructions for the Daily Track, I began to acquire a new mindset. With my new mindset I see solutions where before were only barriers and obstacles; discover latent skills and capacities that were in my tool kit all along.”  —Lincoln Annas, Trabuco Canyon, California

“How many precious hours have you spent reading about becoming a better negotiator? And after all of that, how confident are you that you are on the track to being a better negotiator? Jim Camp’s “No” puts that track clearly in front of you with an accessible presentation of Camp’s “Systematic Decision-Based Negotiation.”

“One month ago in Madrid´s airport, I bought your book “No” and started to practice the things it said….incredible!!!!! I am a 36-year-old lawyer, always negotiating with the judge, clients, and other lawyers. I have improved myself more in a month than in years after reading your book.”  —Pablo Carvajal de la Torre, Spain

Where others tell good negotiation training stories and leave the reader at a loss for how to replicate success, Jim Camp provides a few honest negotiation training principles and has developed low-risk negotiation training excercises for how to implement those negotiation training principles in your life. Make no mistake – The effort and discipline required to work through Camp’s negotiation training excercises and to turn his negotiation training principles into habits are significant.

What reward could possibly be worth the effort? Every book on negotiation tells you how important it is to prepare. Camp helps you learn HOW to prepare so you can feel in control in every negotiation. Imagine that… And imagine using these negotiation training skills to continually improve relations in all aspects of your life.

“Just finished your book, and wanted to thank you for continuing my wheels of progress forward. I have studied sales, and transactional analysis for the past 6 years, and your book flipped the switch on a lot of dark areas.” —Timothy Hipp, President, Wellness Solutions

“For those who read Camp’s “Start with No®,” this new negotiation training volume represents a maturation of the earlier work. You will find clear prose, helpful negotiation training exercises for stepping into Camp’s negotiation training System, new negotiation case studies, and that many negotiation training rules have been further distilled into core negotiation training principles.”  —David Dammerman

“I´m a Spanish optician with 10 years experience. I´m reading your book “No.” Every year for 7 years running, my manager has promised me a promotion, but it has never happened. I always thought that he was a liar and probably he is, but now I realize now that I wasn´t a good enough negotiator for a promotion. Now I know that I was showing my needs to him and he took good profit of this situation. A lot of maybes and quickly yes were in all our conversations(obviouly he is an expert negotiator), and I never did anything to stop this. My fear about losing the promotion was closing all the doors in the negotiation. I only wanted to thank you for your help with the useful book. Now I feel that I´m better doing sales and negotiating with my new chiefs.”  —Christian Velasco

“I want to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for you sharing with the world your system. Your system transformed my paradigm of life and resonated with my core. I wanted to share with you what your system really means to this economy especially in the crisis that it is in. In the book Power vs. Force (The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior) by David R Hawkins thru Kinesiology Testing he has found a method to test the Truth vs. Falsehood (Power vs. Force) of any teaching on a scale of 1 – 1000 where 200 represents the starting point of Truth (Power). After doing the test on your book I understood why your teaching had such a huge impact on me and why I have spent 100’s of hours reading, listening, and contemplating your system over and over again. Based on my testing your teaching calibrates in the 500’s the level of Power and the same level of Winston Churchill.Interesting enough the teachings of (Getting to Yes) calibrates only in the 125’s that of Force. Your system will transform the way the world does business because Force creates counter Force and eventually is defeated but Power has no opposites and uplifts and inspires people. You have inspired me and I want to thank you for having the courage to bring this teaching to the world.”  —Josh Colvin

“It is hard to believe it has been almost twenty years since I met you coming out of grad school. What you taught me and coached me on was so straightforward and so powerful it made a lot of the negotiation training challenges seem easy. Not a day goes by I don’t apply the negotiation training principles.”  —John, COO

“I congratulate you because your book in Spain is succeeding. The language used in your book is very fluid. I was also delighted because you speak on the emotional aspect.”  —Juan

“When we started this project I had my doubts that it would ever close. We have never been able to come to negotiated terms with them before. But here we are, under contract andmoving into their entire market. This is an unexpected $6,500,000 per quarter with a great margin of 57%. Your negotiation training system and your negotiation coaching are amazing. Thank you.”  —T, CEO, software industry

“Two months ago I’d never heard of you, just read (finished yesterday) “Start With No”…I’m now a convert. Today I was reading “Pushing to The Front” written in 1910 by Orison Swett Marden. This appeared in his essay “Wanted: A Man.” “Wanted, a man who will not lose his individuality in a crowd, a man who has the courage of his convictions, who is not afraid to say ‘No,’ though all the world say ‘Yes.’ Just one more confirmation of the time tested principles of which you wrote.”  —Jeff Greenwalt, Jacksonville FL

“I thought then, and still consider, the best explanation of questioning technique for gathering negotiation information I had ever found. No other negotiation training book or course explains it so well. I think your negotiation training materials are of good value.”  —Ron

“This is an overdue note of thanks to you for your negotiation training book, Start with No®. Simply put, the book has changed my life. The story is too long to go into here, but I hope someday to meet you to tell you about it personally.”  —Tim Forster, Director, HeartWood Fine Windows & Doors

“I want to say thank you for the work you did, the risks you took, the effort you put in, the patience you endured to make the idea of your book “NO” a reality. I’ve benefited greatly from your book. I read it a few months ago. It is easy to misunderstand the message. But I find that is true even for the greatest messages ever delivered to us humans. This book may not be for everyone. But I give it five stars for its style, content, and value. I made a one-page summary of the key points in this book, and I review it periodically, and I’ve used the principles to great satisfaction. Before I read the book, I was more afraid of saying the word no. That habit keeps us going in endless loops which produce nothing other than frustration. Jim masterfully helped me to learn quickly how to say no (just miraculous.) My relationships and agreements have improved. I am a monk-entrepreneur-consultant and if I ever have the opportunity to work with you, I would be excited.”  —Gaven Khan, Founder/Principal — GK Associates

“I want to thank you for your negotiation coaching. What a shot in the arm for us. Actually you saved us. We were excited when they offered $600,000 but we did what you told us to doand after 5 negotiation sessions with them and 30 days later $8,000,000. I would not have believed it.”  —Nelson, CEO, high tech research start up

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