How do you reduce your fear, anxiety, and stress, while increasing your confidence, effectiveness, and overall success?

In any human performance event, the best performers turn to coaches…….

What is a coach?

If our founder was still with us, he would have told you that he invented the professional negotiation coaching business. Regardless, we’re ok with any term you’d like to use when referring to us but with two key distinctions:

  1. Understand that there are many training firms in our industry who like to present their materials and then wish you all the best. But at Camp Systems, our core business model is to take responsibility for what we teach by supporting our clients every day from the trenches. Delivering collaboration and support as you utilize our Checklist and Log methodology is very important to us.
  2. Let’s examine our definition of the word “coach” as a verb: To train intensively with detailed instruction, frequent demonstration, and repeated practice for the important human performance event of negotiation. No matter how easy or contentious the environment, we’ll be there to be sure you’re remaining disciplined and focused.

Why hire Camp Negotiation Systems to coach you through your negotiations:

  • We have over 25-years of professional negotiation experience and have coached companies worldwide through billions of dollars of negotiations. Nobody has more experience or a better track record at winning complex high-dollar negotiations than Camp Systems..
  • With coaching, Camp Systems can consistently provide our clients with a real return on their investment which they can see and realize with certainty. Many of our clients have experienced a results they could not have imagined attaining on their own. Because of our ability to manage and structure winning agreements for our clients, there is very little financial risk in hiring us to coach you through your negotiations.
  • By working with Camp Systems, you are going to learn the world’s most successful negotiation system. This gives you the power to expertly handle any negotiation you will ever engage in. You will love the confidence and newfound calmness no matter how complex or heated it becomes. And the system will stay with you for as long as you make the decision to apply it.

Contact us today to learn more about CNS’s negotiation consulting services and how you and your company will greatly benefit.