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Learn the power of “perfect science” negotiation from world renowned Camp Negotiation Systems, whose “Start with No” principles of negotiation have taken the corporate world by storm. The Camp method takes you and your company out of the compromise mindset and into a position of control, so you’ll never lose another negotiation… period.

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Course 101 “Introduction to Negotiation Fundamentals”

This entry level online course gets the student familiar with the Neuroscience of learning to mastery and the founding principles and rules of the Camp System of Negotiation. Students will be able to immediately apply what they learn and demonstrate their efforts to master the system. This non-certificate course requires approximately 5-7 hours of academic work and is a prerequisite to Course 201.

Course 201 “ Camp System of Negotiation Part I: Behaviors”

Second level course 201 provides demonstrated mastery of the Camp System of Negotiation, as well as introduction to the Camp Negotiation Management System. Part I: Behaviors dives deeply into the psychological behaviors that underpin all negotiation interactions, and teaches the building of behavior goals that deliver success in negotiations. Successful completion of 201 is required for enrollment in 202 and 203 (Camp Credentialed Negotiation Team Member certification issued after 203).

Course 202 “Camp System of Negotiation Part II: Structure”

Second level course 202 provides mastery of the Camp Negotiation System structure and how the structure is assembled. Part II builds on the behaviors and behavior goals learned and practiced in Part I to assure your success in difficult negotiations, including those with multiple decision makers, multiple agendas and multiple/long-term problems. You will master the use of the structure that will guide you through the toughest negotiations and give you an unassailable advantage against all comers. Successful completion of 202 is required for enrollment in 203.

Course 203 "The Camp Negotiation Management System (Checklist and Log)"

The second level Course 203 provides demonstrated mastery of the Camp Negotiation Management System. Course 203 is the secret sauce to maximum performance in the most difficult negotiations. Coaching support is included for actual negotiations during course completion. This step-by-step preparation, execution and debriefing will take you on to great performances in any culture and any negotiation environment. With completion of this course the participant has mastered the Camp System of Negotiation and is qualified to participate as a qualified team member and is fully qualified to receive and execute coaching at the highest level.


I just had to write and tell you I am amazed with the courses. In particular, preparing, tracking and reporting on key behaviors have been invaluable. Now that I have learned and practiced with the proper behaviors I realize that my earlier mindset was costing me money. Your courses haven’t just given me head knowledge, but have helped change my negotiating behavior to achieve better outcomes.

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