Fear, particularly the fear of failure, convinces us all to behave strangely. Sometimes that leads to us making poor decisions. More often, fear paralyzes us from making any decisions at all.

And it is within this chaotic set of conditions that negotiation teams set out every day to try to build agreements. 

Sounds unhealthy, doesn’t it?

When this happens, one team member might approach a negotiation as a referendum on whether she keeps her job. Another might be using his BATNA training to calculate how much money the team can leave on the table and still call the negotiation a success.

It’s ironic: That fear of failure so often compels people to make the win-win compromises that doom a negotiation.

Let's Talk About Fear

Negotiator-Pro combines the only science-based system of negotiation in the world with cloud technology to give you real-time control of your negotiations. 

Jim Camp invested 30 years of unmatched training and coaching experience to develop the ultimate system of sales and negotiating. The Camp System of Negotiation is built on an engagement-tested structure, and it allows you to prepare for any negotiation with a perfect step-by-step strategy for success.

It systematically removes the pain, doubt and uncertainty that keeps negotiations from moving forward.

Negotiator-Pro delivers that exact system via scalable cloud-based architecture so that individual negotiators, sales professionals and negotiation teams have everything they need to turn the deal in their favor.

Impose Order On The Chaos

Control of the world’s most advanced negotiation system is in your hands with Negotiator-Pro.

Negotiator-Pro gives you access to the following:

Access Negotiator-Pro

Anytime, Anywhere

Credentialed coaches on-site to offer instruction and support

Self-paced online instruction complemented by high-quality videos

A library of hundreds of hours of training materials

All of this is available to you in the cloud. You can access Negotiator-Pro anytime, anywhere.

With Negotiator-Pro, you have a system in place to ensure you know exactly what to do at all times. If a mistake has been made, you will know immediately what steps need to be taken to get back on track.

Even in the most difficult situations, the Negotiator-Pro structure gives you perfect guidance of what must happen next. You are never guessing. You are in control. Always.

“From the onset I knew Negotiator-Pro was going to be a winner. The training has given my group a chance to truly operate and negotiate as an elite Sales TEAM.

The coaching perspective which is provided by the staff keeps you calm, and reduces your emotions to execute most effectively. This Team of coaches does not let you deviate from the system. They take responsibility for what they teach because they know it will work.

Once it starts working you will see your revenue per deal increase and have a real understanding of your customers explicit needs.

If you’re looking for training and increased margins, this is a one stop shop. I would recommend it to anyone who is in sales or negotiates for a living.

Negotiate As An Elite Sales TEAM

Negotiator-Pro Has Already Delivered Millions of Dollars That Traditional Win-Win Tactics Would Have Left on the Table

“Five-Star Rating”

- Automotive tools and assembly systems manufacturer 

“16 negotiations targeted and coached! Dust settles, results in $34 million over target!”

– A Silicon Valley Semiconductor Company

“We not only beat the competition, but we saved $11 million!”

– Publicly Traded IT Giant