Camp Credentialed Negotiation Team Member

Required course completion for attaining the Camp Negotiation Team Member certification includes:

  • Course 101 “Introduction to Negotiation Fundamentals”
  • Course 201 “Camp System of Negotiation Part I: Behaviors”
  • Course 202 “Camp System of Negotiation Part II: Structure”
  • Course 203 “Camp Negotiation Management System (Checklist and Log)

Students who successfully complete all four courses have demonstrated mastery of the concepts and practices of the Camp Systems of Negotiation as well as the ability to immediately recognize both positive and negative negotiation behaviors.  A Camp Certified Negotiation Team Member understands the decision-making process from both sides of the negotiating table.  He and/or she is instantly able to recognize and neutralize predatory practices and has mastered the ability to navigate complex negotiation environments and situations in a calm, focused manner.

Camp Certified Negotiation Team Members learn not to react—but to systematically work through issues that ordinarily put negotiators on the defensive. They have been put through the paces in both simulated and actual negotiations with hours of coaching and practice. Prior to receiving certification, student performance is  evaluated by a distinguished, six-member credentials committee made up of Chairmen and CEOs of publicly traded corporations and educators from America’s greatest universities.

Camp Credentialed Negotiation Team Members are required to successfully complete an annual online training event to maintain their credential.

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