Camp Credentialed Negotiation Team Leader

Required course completion for attaining the Camp Negotiation Team Leader certification includes:

  • Camp Negotiation Team Member Certification
  • Course 301 “Camp Credentialed Negotiation Team Leader”

Negotiation Team Leaders not only master the concepts required of a Camp-qualified Negotiation Team Member, but also master the skills necessary to lead an entire team of negotiators in negotiations involving multiple adversaries and issues. They learn leadership behaviors that result in a cohesive, collaborative team that works well in any negotiating environment—learning from mistakes, recognizing weaknesses and making adjustments, and building on strengths using the Camp Self-Management System.

Camp Credentialed Negotiation Team Leaders are sought-after by top-performing corporations and organizations due to their demonstrated ability to build teams that perform exceptionally well at the negotiating table. Camp certification is a rigorous process that results in the highest Return on Investment Training (ROIT) in the negotiation training industry.  Those who successfully complete this level of certification are qualified to enroll in Course 401 to certify as a Camp Credentialed Chief Negotiation Officer/Coach.

Camp Credentialed Negotiation Team Leaders are required to successfully complete an online training event every 6 months to maintain their credential.



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