Camp Credentialed Chief Negotiation Officer (CNO)

Required course completion for attaining the Camp Chief Negotiation Officer (CNO) certification includes:

  • Camp Negotiation Team Leader Certification
  • Course 401 “Camp Credentialed Chief Negotiation Officer/Coach ”

The highest level of certification of all CNI courses, the CNO designation signifies a significant commitment to mastering all levels of Camp Negotiation Systems, as well as the demonstrated team leadership and coaching skills expected of C-Suite executive management.  Successful candidates demonstrate the ability to assemble, evaluate and manage multiple teams and team leaders, and participate in 50 coached negotiations under CNI supervision. CNO designation builds on all prior levels of Camp certification, and represents a masters-level study achievement.

Camp Credentialed Chief Negotiation Officers (CNOs) are required to successfully complete an online training event every 6 months as well as an annual 2-Day Coaching Clinic to maintain their credential.



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