What the NBA’s Hottest Team Can Teach Us About Decision-Making

It is tempting to let sports serve as a metaphor for some other aspect of life, though this can devolve quickly into cliché. Still, there is a reason Camp Negotiation Systems uses the title Negotiation Coach, and those reasons are clear to anyone who has followed the NBA this season, particularly the surprising rise of […]

The difference we deliver from our competition in one word

The real problem. Millions have attended “status quo” negotiation training seminars and workshops. The typical format is one in which attendees show up for a specified number of days, sit through a lecture or two, listen to a number of anecdotes, engage in some activities which may include role-plays, work through one or more case […]

The saddest thing in business

You could have the best marketing, the best products, great employees, be extremely motivated and have all the capital you need to build your business, but if you are a poor negotiator, you are likely to start wondering if you need better marketing, a better product, better employees, and more capital anyways. You might spend years […]

When the lack (or presence) of a valid System of Negotiation comes full circle (Part 4)

3) A sale is a voluntary exchange that requires, and is based on, an agreement that is voluntarily reached An often unseen reality One of the most challenging lessons that we human beings need to live but often don’t is to respect, value, feel completely safe, comfortable and at peace with the freedom of others […]

When the lack (or presence) of a valid System of Negotiation comes full circle (Part 3)

2) The exchange of money, and the real/perceived conflict of motives. Any person who writes about being careful about the impact of money in influencing our decisions runs the risk of sounding “preachy”. However, after each scandal, we collectively wring out hands and enact legislation to make the unrestrained pursuit of profit difficult. Humanity seems […]

Know where to go with Negotiator-Pro

I purchased Negotiator-Pro a few weeks ago, the new Camp system App over at www.salesforce.com . If you have read any of my blog posts, you know what I’ve said about the power and effectiveness of the Camp Negotiation Management System. But any system has to be more than just powerful and effective. It must […]

When the lack (or presence) of a valid System of Negotiation comes full circle (Part 2)

7 things to keep in mind when thinking about sales 1) A sale often occurs between people who up to that point were strangers to each other One of the dogmas in the world of sales is that it occurs (or according to some versions, it occurs best) within the context of a relationship. The […]

When the lack (or presence) of a valid System of Negotiation comes full circle (Part 1)

Let me start this series by describing the chain of events that led me to write it. Most of the specific events happened over the past 72 hours. Of course the foundation and deepest influence of everything is what I have learnt, and now coach, at CNI. 1) The first influence was a piece blog […]

Negotiating with real or phantom adversaries?

In many negotiation situations, we humans act on the basis of what can best be described as an intuitive sense regarding who wields decision making rights in a group setting. After identifying such people, we often initiate the negotiation with that person through an intermediary. This implies that we identify those (we believe) wield influence […]

Negotiation and Cold Calling: What is your organization up to? (Conclusion)

The link between individual and team effort When I started this piece, I deliberately did not plunge into a description of the difficulties and challenges encountered on a call. These are important – and I daresay most people will readily admit to the existence of those difficulties and challenges. I also suspect that many will […]