How an Honest ‘No’ Helped One Small Business Owner

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Casey Meehan, founder of Chicago-based marketing firm Epic Presence. As a small business owner, it is tempting to say “Yes!” to everything a client or potential client asks. That impulse makes sense on the surface: You want to make your customers happy, and an enthusiastic “yes” communicates […]

What the NBA’s Hottest Team Can Teach Us About Decision-Making

It is tempting to let sports serve as a metaphor for some other aspect of life, though this can devolve quickly into cliché. Still, there is a reason Camp Negotiation Systems uses the title Negotiation Coach, and those reasons are clear to anyone who has followed the NBA this season, particularly the surprising rise of […]

Fixer-Upper Gone Wrong: A Lesson in Controlling Emotional Budgets

A story in the Wall Street Journal just before Thanksgiving perfectly illustrated what happens when people overtax their time, energy, financial, and emotional budgets. Austin Kilham told the story of a financial planner, Michael B. Karwic, whose client had become completely overwhelmed by her home. The house needed constant repair and attention, and while selling […]

Why It Takes a Mission and Purpose to Change the World

Good negotiators have to be resolute decision-makers. There is no getting around this. This is why the Camp System of Negotiation stresses the importance of a mission and purpose. Defining your chief function, your continuing task and responsibility puts a North Star in your sky — it allows your internal decision-making compass to find a […]

The saddest thing in business

You could have the best marketing, the best products, great employees, be extremely motivated and have all the capital you need to build your business, but if you are a poor negotiator, you are likely to start wondering if you need better marketing, a better product, better employees, and more capital anyways. You might spend years […]

Skin in the game (and a bit more) – The Camp System, decisions, and budgets (Conclusion)

Spending the right budget in the right way A sure sign of effectiveness is the ability to have a bias towards focusing our efforts only on what is under one’s control; influencing what can be influenced; and leaving what cannot be influenced or controlled well and truly alone. The inability to do this is one […]

Skin in the game (and a bit more): The Camp System, decisions, and budgets (Part 2)

The intersection between decisions, budgets, activities and behaviors Good things don’t come cheap. The effort to achieve strategic objectives and priorities requires, at the very least, a time and energy budget. Building capabilities at an individual, team, and organizational level that make it possible to achieve those objectives and priorities often also requires a money […]

Skin in the game (and a bit more): The Camp System, decisions, and budgets (Part 1)

If you are alive, you don’t get to decide whether or not you will spend a budget each day, week, month, and year of your life. As you read this, you cannot even decide whether or not you will spend a budget on reading it. I spent a budget writing it and you’re spending a […]

Realism and effectiveness in negotiation

(The protection and guidance of the Camp Negotiation Management System – Part 5) In my previous piece of this series, I wrote about how the System enables you experience genuine control by learning to distinguish what is under your control and what is not. For the system user, the ability to distinguish what is and […]