The Dangers of Failing to Blank Slate

Walking into a negotiation, deal, or really any situation with expectations and assumptions already made, is a recipe for disaster. In Start With No, Jim spent an entire chapter demonstrating the importance of blank slating, which is simply walking into an interaction with a mental blank slate. Blank slating allows you to listen, research and […]

Negotiating under the light of a strong, weak, objective, subjective, and evolving BATNA – Deconstructing the BATNA myth part 2

This is post 2 of a series of 15 posts What is BATNA? Anybody who studies the BATNA concept deeply will end up seeing why it is so influential. Despite appearances to the contrary, gaining an accurate understanding of what BATNA is, is not such an easy task. Yes, the acronym stands for something straightforward […]

A review of a successful negotiation

Below you will find a negotiation between me (Wim) and a colleague whom I will call “B’ from my own field of mental health. We are both therapists. As you read, ask if it looks like I got what I wanted from the negotiation, and if she got what she wanted? Please comment. Wim to […]

Why you shouldn’t go into a negotiation with “trading” mindset

I was recently reading a discussion on negotiation on LinkedIn and I read the following post from a person who claims to be a negotiation expert: “At the risk of repeating some of these ideas, my experience would suggest, simply …. know your tradeables, only think about trading/negotiation things that you have agreed are of […]

Negotiation Expert Predicts Loss of NBA Season “Eventually cooler heads will prevail.”

Dublin, OH – (Oct  24, 2011) Negotiation coach, Jim Camp, predicts that in the wake of the latest  breakdown of the talks between National Basketball Association (NBA) owners and  players, the 2011-2012 season of games will be cancelled if they don’t change  their mindset. “Thanks to the  conventional collective bargaining process, both sides are now […]

Want to know what it’s like on the front line of a 10-figure negotiation?

After reading your new downloaded reports, listening to the audio book, “Start With No,” or even looking at our case studies at Camp Negotiation Institute (CNI), you may still be asking yourself: “Should I enroll?” or “Should I look at this when I have more time or when things get better with the economy?” Well […]