U.S. Military Veteran Lands Lucrative Job Opportunity
with Camp Negotiation Coaching

Former Marine and Iraq veteran breaks into the medical device sales industry
using the Camp Negotiation System

Medical Device Sales


  • Allowed Pirnat to secure a job interview even though his “on-paper” qualifications did not meet the job description.
  • Enabled a medical device sales hiring manager to discover how Pirnat’s military experience applied to the high-level position.
  • Secured a position with a salary more than double Pirnat’s military salary.
  • Allowed Pirnat to more than triple his income over ten years.

As an Officer in the U.S. Marines, Kyle Pirnat excelled.  He led infantry units along with mounted and airborne patrols.  He was part of the first Iraq invasion force during his 10-month tour of duty, where his regiment helped pull down the statue of Saddam Hussein in one of the war’s most iconic moments.  But when he entered the civilian job market in 2005, he quickly realized the hiring managers he was facing didn’t understand how his military experience could benefit their organizations.

“Veterans entering the job market face a big challenge because the relevancy of their experience isn’t always clear on a resume,” says Pirnat.  “You have to create the vision for the hiring managers to show them the experience you have as a military officer is above and beyond what they are looking for without sounding cocky.”

Creating the Vision

To create the vision that would result in his successful employment, Pirnat realized he needed a systematic approach to his job search.  That’s when he began looking into training with the academic coaching certification program created by global negotiation expert and author of Start With No Jim Camp.  “I came to realize that the Camp system is exactly what I needed to break into the medical device industry,” he says.

At that time, Pirnat enrolled in Camp’s one-on-one coaching program in order to land his desired job opportunity.  First, the two worked closely together to establish a mission and purpose for the negotiation: to provide medical device hiring managers the opportunity to discover the many benefits of men and women of the military. Pirnat was confident once he got his foot in the door of the interview room, his experience coupled with Camp’s negotiation system would be enough to secure him the position he wanted.

Soon enough, his efforts paid off.  Using the Camp Negotiation System, Pirnat was able to help a reluctant independent recruiter discover how to get him into an interview at a leading global medical device manufacturer – despite the fact that Pirnat’s resume and experience did not match the position’s job description.  Leading up to that interview, Pirnat and Camp prepared for success.  “Jim provided everything from the script to the demeanor, body language and preparation,” says Pirnat.  “We made sure I was prepared for every step of the process.”

During the interview Pirnat faced another major hurdle, but thanks to Camp’s coaching he was prepared.  “Immediately the interviewer asked me why I was there if I didn’t have the experience,” says Pirnat.  “But I just started going through the checklist to help him discover what was in it for him.  I came to understand that he didn’t really have a mission and purpose, and that was my opportunity to create vision for him.”  As a result, Pirnat landed the job – doubling his military compensation in the process.

Paving the Way for Success

Not only did the Camp Negotiation System allow Pirnat to land his desired job, it also paved the way for his future success.  Throughout his time at the medical device manufacturer, Pirnat used the Camp System to close sales and earn corporate recognition.  For example, he had the only sales conversion in the nursing vascular space in the history of his division.  “It was the conversion of an entire hospital to our product, which was a huge victory,” he says.

From there, he moved onto a smaller medical device company where he was able to run an entire sales and marketing division.  Next, he transitioned to his current position as the global director for a global, publicly traded technology solutions provider. He has now grown his total compensation exponentially from his days as an officer, and says his success would not have been possible without the Camp Negotiation System.  “I wouldn’t even know where to start putting a number on the value it has provided,” he says.  “My knowledge and abilities are now on par with any executive because of my training.  The things my peers struggle with seem mundane, it’s made me very effective.”

And with many military officers now struggling to secure employment in the civilian workforce, Pirnat says he highly recommends the Camp Negotiation System.  “In the military we’re used to operating on the tactical, operational and strategic levels concurrently, and Jim understands that well,” he says.  “This system will teach you how to apply that knowledge and experience to the business world with great success, which is essential now that there is less opportunity for everyone – it makes success in every negotiation critical.”


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