Experienced Contract Negotiator Saving up to 40% Per Contract
Ukraine-based businessman gains upper hand in negotiations with Camp System

Professional Cleaning & Hygiene Product Manufacturing

Benefits Realized

  • Saving up to 40-percent per negotiation.
  • Shifted negotiations with potential distributors away from a discount-oriented mindset.
  • Achieved success in a difficult negotiation, resulting in a $20,000 annual contract.
  • Increased salary by more than 40-percent.

Ukraine-based businessman Yuriy Savinsky knows negotiation from every perspective.  More than a decade ago, he started out as a sales representative for an alcohol producer and within two years he was promoted to a sales management position.  He went on to several other sales jobs before landing his current position negotiating with suppliers for a professional cleaning and hygiene product manufacturer.  But even though he was negotiating on a daily basis for more than a decade, he admits he had very little understanding of the science of negotiation.

“I started to learn some negotiation basics about eight years ago, but I never clearly understood the role of the salesman,” he says.  “I felt the purchaser was the boss in every situation.  I didn’t have a way to prevent myself, as the supplier, from being the dependent party.”

That mentality took a toll on Savinsky’s effectiveness.  “My opponent would use his power to demand compromises and discounts, some of which weren’t warranted,” he says.  As a result, he was giving away discounts he didn’t want to give away because he felt he had no choice.  “At the time I didn’t even realize that it was a problem, because salesmen are always judged based on volume and not profitability.”

Discovering the Problem

However in 2010, things began to change for Savinsky.  He reread Start with No by global negotiation expert Jim Camp and enrolled in Camp’s Negotiation Institute online mastery courses.  As he began to truly understand Camp’s systematic approach to negotiation, the mistakes he had made in the past became clear.  “The first results came after I understood the principle of neediness – I didn’t stop feeling it, but I became careful not to show it or make it obvious,” he says.  “The second change was applying ‘Jim Camp’s Fuel’ by suggesting to my opponent that they should feel free to reject my proposal.”

When he began to put these principles to work in real-life negotiations, the results were astonishing to Savinsky.  In one negotiation, Savinsky was dealing with a potential distributor for his company’s products – however Savinsky knew the prospect had other less-expensive alternatives.  So instead of negotiating on price, Savinsky walked into the meeting with a non-negotiable proposal.  “Using the Camp System, I told him that it was lowest price we had, and it may or may not be what he was looking for,” says Savinsky.  “Once he knew there was nothing to discuss in terms of discounts, his behavior changed completely.  He was prepared to bargain tough when he walked into the meeting, but he ended up persuading us that we were the right fit.”  The prospect ended up signing a contract on the spot, resulting in more than $20,000 in business annually.

In another negotiation, Savinsky used the Camp System to get a discount from a reluctant supplier.  The supplier had originally held firm at a 7-percent discount.  However by establishing a mission and purpose, Savinsky helped the client see that offering a larger discount was actually in his best interest.  “The negotiation was also extremely difficult because the supplier’s representative was a very aggressive person, so using the Camp System to keep our emotions in check was essential,” he says.  In the end, Savinsky ended up securing a 20% discount from the combative supplier.

Creating Consistent Results

According to Savinsky, the fact that the Camp System is an actual system has allowed him to use it to generate consistent results.  “In the past year I have negotiated using the Camp System with our suppliers, HR agencies, advertising agencies, training companies and more,” he says.  “In each of negotiation, I have been able to save at least 15-percent and as much as 40-percent.”

Using the Camp System has also improved his negotiation power on a personal level.  He used the Camp System to land his current job, along with a 40-percent salary bump.  “Even though we’re in a recession, I was able to get this opportunity thanks to the Camp System,” he says.  Savinsky estimates he’s achieved at least a 10-fold return on his investment in training through the Camp Negotiation Institute.

With all his success, Savinsky plans to continue his training and expand the use of the Camp System within his company.  “I use the Camp System every day, and it’s becoming second nature for me,” he says.  “After I complete the courses, I plan to get credentialed and teach the system to my colleagues to further the success of our company.”




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