Small Business Owner Saves More Than
$12,000 Annually with Camp Negotiation Institute Courses

Student of Camp Credentialed Courses calls training “a bargain at twice the price”

Computer Repairs & Technology Services

Benefits Realized

  • Saved $12,000 annually with a renegotiated business rent agreement.
  • Avoided a 10-percent rent increase being assessed by the landlord.
  • Secured $8,000 worth of improvements to business rental property.
  • Improved rental contract terms, saving more than $8,000 in projected expenses.
  • Renegotiated a client contract to increase hourly fee from $65/hour to $125/hour.

As every small business owner knows, running a business means engaging in many negotiations, both large and small.  But for John David Kistler, the owner of computer repair and services company J&B Technologies, every negotiation was a source of dread.  “I hated it and put it off to the last possible moment,” says Kitsler.  “It was a lot like going to the dentist’s office.”

For most of his professional life, Kistler was a big believer in the win-win philosophy.  “Win-win was my mantra,” he says.  “When people dealt with me I was showing them it would be win-win no matter what, regardless of the cost to me.”

An Eye-Opening Experience

Kistler had been using a win-win mentality for decades, so when he attended a business seminar and heard a talk by global negotiation expert and author of Start With No Jim Camp, it was an eye-opener.  “He explained that win-win was a fallacy – that if you believe in win-win someone else is winning at your expense,” says Kistler.  “I gobbled it up like a kid in the candy store.

Soon after, Kistler purchased Camp’s book and enrolled in Camp’s online mastery courses , Camp Negotiation Institute. With his newfound knowledge of the Camp system, Kistler began to see negotiations in a new light.  Instead of dreading each negotiation, he looked forward to the opportunity it gave him to practice his skills – so when the time came to engage in a major negotiation, he would be ready.

Getting Down to Business

The first true test of Kistler’s negotiating prowess came when his landlord’s agent casually mentioned insurance and taxes for the property were going up, and that he would like to sit down and go over the increases and explain how they would relate to Kistler.  “I immediately saw that he was negotiating, and without the Camp System I wouldn’t even have realized that,” he says.  “In the training courses we’re taught that the worst type of negotiation is the one you don’t even know is occurring.”

Immediately, Kistler knew what to do.  “I told him that sitting down was a great idea because I’d been checking around town, rents were averaging down from the last renewal and there were some impressive properties in the adjacent buildings offering good terms.”  The tables had turned; the agent said that he would pass the comments along to the landlord and that they’d like to keep Kistler as a tenant.  “That’s when I knew I had the upper hand,” says Kistler.

From there, Kistler continued to apply the Camp System with success.  He made a long list of everything he wanted from the lease renewal, including building renovations, a release from AC unit maintenance responsibility and lower rent.  He also did his homework, shopping around to get quotes for comparable office spaces.

Finally, he worked to build a vision for his landlord, allowing the landlord to see how meeting these demands could work to his advantage.  “The landlord had other nearby properties that were vacant, so I explained that by making these improvements we could become a testimonial for other prospects by showing and telling them all the ways he had helped us,” says Kistler.

The Benefits Add Up

When the lease negotiation was complete, Kistler had come out on top.  Not only had the landlord not increased Kistler’s rent, he actually reduced the monthly rent by $1,000 for an annual savings of $12,000.  In addition, he agreed that Kistler should not have to maintain the AC unit, which saved Kistler $8,000 on an upcoming replacement.  Finally, the landlord agreed to make $8,000 in improvements to Kistler’s office space including new carpet, paint, electrical and lighting fixtures.  “In return, we agreed to become a testimonial for any tenants that were interested in signing up with him, which wasn’t anything we didn’t already do,” says Kistler.

Since the lease negotiation, Kistler has continued to apply what he learned through Camp Negotiation Institute with great success.  For example, he recently renegotiated an agreement with a particularly difficult customer who had haggled Kistler’s service rate down to $65 an hour – so low that Kistler was actually losing money on the arrangement.  Now, the client pays $125 an hour for the same level of service.

In the future, Kistler plans to continue his study through the Institute and has told all his friends about the Camp System as well.  “It’s a bargain at twice the price because it works, period,” he says.  “With the Camp System negotiation is no longer a struggle ­– it’s a locked in step by step process and the stress is removed.”

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