Sales Rep Achieves Top-Performer Status with Camp Negotiation Institute
Jim Camp coaching client lands new position and rises to the top in just 12 months

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Benefits Realized

  • Landed desired position at a leading Internet retailer and web services provider.
  • Achieved top sales performer status for division in less than 12 months.
  • Increased opportunities for promotion and career advancement.
  • Negotiated numerous successful contracts, including a $10 million+ agreement with a Fortune 100 company.

To say he was unhappy in his job would be putting it lightly.  As a sales engineer for a major software solutions company, Eric Sheetz was frustrated by a corporate culture that was in direct conflict with his business values and philosophy.  “As a sales engineer it was my job to build pilot software for prospects, but if left unchecked that process can go on and on – becoming a huge time, money, resource and morale suck,” says Sheetz.

Far too often, the actions of his company’s short-sighted sales force would put all Sheetz’s hard work down the drain.  “I could invest six months or more into account, only to have the deal reduced to a price-based compromise similar to what you would hear at a used car dealership ­– ‘What will it take to get you in this car?,” says Sheetz.

The Right to Say No

Sheetz knew there had to be a better way, so when a colleague mentioned he was reading Start With No by global negotiation expert Jim Camp, Sheetz picked up a copy and was impressed by what he read.  “I liked that it was a method I could apply systematically,” he says.  “But it was the idea that every human being has the right to say no that really provided me with important recognition that I could say no and invite others to say no as well.”

After finishing the book, Sheetz investigated the Camp Negotiation Institute

( ) CNI and signed on for the personal coaching program.

A Chain of Success

As soon as Sheetz began implementing the Camp System in his daily negotiations, his successes began to add up.  By applying the Camp System to his work as a sales engineer, Sheetz began to land more and more sales.  As a result, he began to work with bigger clients and eventually became the company’s top sales engineer.  However, the frustration continued.  “The corporate culture still hadn’t changed, and it was difficult not being the one in the driver’s seat of the negotiations,” he says.

Sheetz soon realized he needed a sales position at a company with a client-centric business philosophy that matched his own.  Using the Camp System, he identified the type of companies he would like to work for and the positions he would like to hold.  He landed an interview at his top-choice employer and relied on his negotiation training to get him through the interview process.  “I was able to treat the interview as a negotiation,” he says.  “I prepared a checklist for each interview and brought the problems I saw right to the front of the negotiation.  I didn’t feel a great sense of need, and I kept my emotions in check.”

Sheetz landed that sales representative job, but his success didn’t stop there.  In his new position, Sheetz applied the Camp System to each of his negotiations – both internal and external.  In one particularly challenging $10 million negotiation, Sheetz found himself squaring off against a Fortune 100 adversary who used every trick in the book – plus many that weren’t.  “They were accustomed to getting their way and not used to hearing no,” he says.  “In an effort to get concessions from us, the lead negotiator tried to add a sense of urgency by attempting to exhaust all his budgets with a variety of techniques including win-win, absurd hypothetical scenarios and escalating conversations to his management.”

When that negotiation got difficult, having the Camp System allowed Sheetz to remain in control.  “In the past I felt a need to never make a mistake and to get the story right the first time, which caused tremendous emotional drain and anguish,” he says.  “But using the system I don’t need to have every answer before the conversation, I just use the system to derive what the next step is at any given moment.”

In the Driver’s Seat

The Camp Negotiation System allowed Sheetz to triumph in that high-pressure negotiation, and many others as well.  In fact, he became his division’s top-performing sales representative less than 12 months after starting his new job.  Perhaps most importantly, he is now in the driver’s seat of every negotiation and is working for a company whose mission and purpose he can proudly stand behind.

Sheetz’s successes have earned him the praise of his managers and the recognition of his peers – so much so that he is often asked to mentor other sales representatives.  When asked, he always replies “Sure, but read this book first,” and hands them a copy of Start With No.  “It’s a system that can be learned, and anyone who wants to take their sales and negotiation to the next level should learn a system with easy-to-understand principles that stand the test of time,” says Sheetz.  “There is a false belief that sales people are born and not made – that you need to have some sort of magic personality trait that makes you the life of the party – but I’m not like that at all and I am very effective in my position thanks to the Camp System.”

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