Million-Dollar Negotiator Achieves Personal & Professional
Success with Camp Negotiation Institute and Coaching

Negotiating million-dollar phone contracts – and a promotion – proves
simple with the Camp Negotiation System

National Wireless Provider

Wireless Communication

Benefits Realized

  • Resulted in successful outcomes for dozens of million-dollar negotiations.
  • Earned the client recognition within his company and industry.
  • Created the opportunity to land a new job with a 50% pay increase.

For Bill Chandler, closing million-dollar deals was not the time to take a “fly by the seat of your pants” approach.  Yet that’s exactly what he was doing.  As a contract negotiator for a national wireless company, Chandler was in charge of cutting deals to ensure the phone carrier’s customers received coverage even in areas where his company didn’t have a cell phone tower.  That meant reaching agreements allowing Chandler’s company to use other carrier’s towers in certain parts of the country.  The deals were complex and big. “The price tag for just two or three contracts was $150 million per year,” says Chandler.  “In these wholesale arrangements the numbers become large in a hurry.  There’s a lot of money on the line.”

Unfortunately, Chandler’s supervisor wasn’t the mentor he had hoped for.  “He was offering ad-hoc advice – a different idea mostly compromises every day – and I wasn’t being systematically taught,” says Chandler.  “I wanted to be competent in the job I was doing and eventually move up the career ladder.  I knew I needed a better approach if I was going to accomplish those goals.”

Seeking Outside Help

Looking for a negotiation approach that would provide the clear direction he was looking for, Chandler purchased Start With No by global negotiation expert and coach Jim Camp.  The Camp Negotiation System made perfect sense to Chandler.  “I realized this was the systematic approach I had been searching for,” he says.

At first, Chandler took the principles he had learned in the book and began to apply them with success.  But, he felt he did not have the complete grasp of the system necessary to maximize his results.  That’s when Chandler began what he calls the “second phase of his training”: he enrolled in Camp Negotiation Institute Mastery courses and coaching.

Professional and Personal Success

After completing Institutes courses, Chandler’s negotiation skills kicked into high gear.  Negotiations that had once lingered on indefinitely were now being rapidly brought to successful conclusions.  In the big-dollar contracts he negotiated every day, Chandler found it was easy to realize hundreds of thousands – or millions– of dollars in savings.  Plus, he was finally able to bring the parties he was negotiating with around to his way of thinking.

“I remember one negotiation where there was an exception in the contract I wanted that my competitor flat-out refused to provide,” says Chandler.  “But using the Camp System, I was able to construct a case where my adversary realized it was in his best interest to give that exception to me.  In the end he gave me what I wanted because I set the vision for that decision clearly in his world.”

Chandler’s achievements won him recognition within his company and eventually put him in the running for a director-level position at another wireless provider.  The job was an attractive opportunity for Chandler; it represented a 50-percent pay increase over his current salary.  He says that’s when the Camp Negotiation System became more important than ever.  “Even though I was used to conducting 100 million-dollar negations without getting emotions involved, it’s much harder to do when your personal paycheck is on the line,” he says.  “Using the Camp System I was able to keep my emotions in check.  I used principles the system teaches like slowing down the negotiation and not being needy to steer the conversation in the right direction.  After nine months of negotiation, I landed the job.”

A Path to Opportunity

Today, Chandler frequently recommends the Camp Negotiation System to his colleagues and friends.  “The Camp System is invaluable when big dollars are on the line,” he says.  “I’ve seen people who don’t know the system or these principles wander all over the place and give up too much information and compromise heavily.  The Camp System allows you to listen more carefully and places you firmly in your adversary’s world and compromise is not even a factor.”

Chandler is also exploring how the Camp Negotiation System can help him build a better future for himself and his family.  He’s on the way to becoming a Certified Coach of the Camp System, and is exploring the possibility of coaching it professionally.  He’s also considering a job he wouldn’t have given a moment’s thought to in the past.  “I’m thinking about accepting a commission-driven job within my company,” he says.  “By applying the Camp System, I feel that there’s no limit to the amount I can earn given the right opportunity.”

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