Export Trader Triples Income with the Camp Negotiation System
After nearly a decade of negotiation training failures, businessman discovers a system of success

Export Trading

Benefits Realized

  • Discovered a system for negotiating more than ten deals a day with great success.
  • Negotiated a $125,000 loan repayment from an absentee business partner.
  • Made nearly $3,000 by asking a single question.
  • Tripled income after just two years of using the Camp Negotiation System.

Ali Amin is no stranger to hard work.  In his native country of Iraq, he went through years of schooling to teach architecture at the university level.  But when war tore his country apart, Amin knew it was time to start over.  He left Iraq for Europe, where he entered the business world as export trader.  “The business world was a huge change from academics,” says Amin.  “I found that the most important thing in business is to know how to sell and negotiate, so I began to study.”

Searching for Knowledge

Study he did.  Over the course of eight years, Amin worked through all the so-called “top” negotiation programs including Getting to Yes, Dale Carnegie, Sales Advantage and many others.  But the results he saw were few and far between.  “It was not making any difference on my income,” says Amin.  “I was looking for something that could make a real impact – something that could be more scientific and more effective.”

But after reading an article in a magazine featuring global negotiation expert and author of Start With No Jim Camp, things began to change.  In 2009 he read Camp’s book and began to listen to Camp’s audio classes.  Later that same year he enrolled in the coaching program.  The results were almost immediate.  “The first thing I felt was that I was in control,” says Amin.  “I was now comfortable and that enabled me to put by adversaries at ease as well.”

The $3,000 Question

As an export trader conducting more than ten deals on a typical day, Amin had plenty of opportunities to practice the Camp System as he learned.  Early on in his training, he was in a negotiation with one of his suppliers who had provided him with a poor-quality product.  According to his calculations, the problem would cost him $1,100 – but instead of simply asking for reimbursement he applied the Camp System.  “Before I told her about my calculation, I simply asked her how she thought she could correct the problem,” he says.  “She offered to compensate me $4,000 and I came out nearly $3,000 ahead simply by asking for her vision of the problem.”

Other negotiations produced even more impressive results.  For years Amin had been trying to negotiate with a relative who he had given a business loan to – however the relative had continuously prevented Amin from acquiring any information about the status of his investment or the business.  “It would become so emotional every time I talked with him I was afraid to continue,” says Amin.  “I worried I would say something wrong.”  But Amin reopened this negotiation using the Camp System, taking steps – such as Camp’s technique of employing a third party ‘blocker’ – to keep emotions in check on both sides.  As a result, he negotiated an agreement for the relative to repay the $125,000 loan.

A Real Difference

After just two years of practicing the Camp Negotiation System, Amin has achieved the results he spent nearly a decade searching for.  “Between 2000 and 2008 my income was steady, even though I completed an MBA and took other negotiation training courses,” says Amin.  “But I began using The Camp System in 2009, and since then my income has tripled.”  Amin says that a big reason for his income increase was his business expansion into new products and new markets – much of which was accomplished using the Camp Method.

Amin says Camp’s method helped him succeed where others have failed because it can be applied in every situation.  “The key is to use it every single time there is an important decision to make,” he says.  “Using the agenda puts me in control.  It’s a lot like driving a car – at the beginning it is difficult, but after practicing it comes naturally.”

According to this experienced negotiator, high-pressure sales techniques and closing skills are simply not effective in today’s business environment: what’s needed is a tried-and-true system.  “I would absolutely recommend The Camp System because instead of using many different tactics and techniques, it gives you a true system you can master,” says Amin.  “Why learn hundreds of closing lines that don’t work, when a single system can give you all the tools, behaviors and activities you will ever need?”


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