Accomplished Entrepreneur “Captain Chris” Takes Business to
Next Level with Camp Negotiation Institute and Coaching

Self-defense expert Chris Pizzo achieved 200% return on investment
after just two days


Self-Defense Training

Benefits Realized

  • Resulted in savings of more than $200,000+ after just four months.
  • Achieved a positive outcome for a delicate negotiation involving a business partner and close friend.
  • Doubled return on investment within the first two days of enrolling in the program.
  • Facilitated the successful negotiation of a number of personal real estate deals $100,000+.

In most aspects of his life Chris Pizzo – known to his clients as “Captain Chris” – is the ultimate tough guy.  The former army officer and martial arts expert travels the country teaching his close-combat training system to police officers, teachers, soldiers and everyday folks.  But when it came to business negotiations, this highly successful entrepreneur was getting beat up.

“I never had any training on how to negotiate deals, and that had some serious impacts on my business and personal life,” says Pizzo.  “It had resulted in everything from firing best friends to bad contracts that led to expensive lawsuits.”

After getting into some bad deals and losing out on even more opportunities, Pizzo knew something had to change.  That’s when he picked up a copy of Start With No by global negotiation expert and coach Jim Camp.  “I read the book in one day and the negotiation system he teaches really struck a chord with me,” he says.  “I called Jim up the very next day and signed up for his Camp Negotiation Institute and coaching program.”

A Giant Shortcut

While Pizzo believed it would be possible to learn the Camp Negotiation System using the book and Institute Mastery Courses over time, this busy businessman didn’t have any time to waste.  “I was in the midst of many personal and professional negotiations, and the material takes time and energy to go through,” he says.  “Being able to call Jim is like a giant shortcut and immediate advantage.”

For Pizzo, it was a shortcut that quickly paid off.  Before signing up for the program, he had been in the midst of a negotiation to sell several of his properties on the East Coast and another negotiation to purchase a home on the West Coast.  After just a few phone calls with Camp, the results were immediate.  “We had been at a sticking point in negotiating a sale of one of my investment properties, but with Jim’s help I sold it within days for the exact price I wanted,” says Pizzo.  “I was also able to sell my personal home for the asking price.  Jim also helped me realize the new house we were looking at was not a good fit, so we established a mission and purpose for that negotiation and found an even better home for our family.”

The True Test

After practicing the Camp Negotiation System on a number of personal negotiations, Pizzo felt it was time to put the system to the true test.  Pizzo’s business partner was also his good friend, and nearly a decade ago the two had structured a profit-sharing arrangement that made sense at the time.  However ten years later, Pizzo knew this arrangement was no longer working.  He needed to increase his share of profits without damaging this important friendship and business partnership.

Working closely together, Camp and Pizzo built a Camp Negotiation Checklist to prepare for the negotiation.  Camp prepared Pizzo for exactly what to say and how to say it in a way that would make sense for his friend.  After plenty of practice, Pizzo made the call.  “We worked out the entire deal during one friendly 90-minute phone call,” he says.  “I executed the checklist just as it was prepared and we had a discussion with the result of our relationship intact while achieving my objectives of a greater share of our company’s profits.”

Immediate Return on Investment

Just four months after starting Jim Camp’s negotiation coaching program, Pizzo estimates he has already saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.  “The coaching was invaluable, I doubled my money in just the first two days,” he says.  He used to dread negotiation situations, but now Pizzo finds himself looking for opportunities to negotiate.  “I even used the system at my car dealer recently and saved $6,000 on a car repair.”

Pizzo credits the program for helping him shift his thinking about the very nature of negotiations.  “Now I understand there is no such thing as win-win,” he says.  “Learning the system forces you to systematically prepare for each negotiation from establishing a mission and purpose all the way through the end.  It has really led me to do everything differently, from the way I talk about finances to the way I run my business.”

According to Pizzo, the Camp Negotiation System is an invaluable asset for any business person conducting any size negotiation.  “If I could go back in time this is the first thing I would do,” he says.  “It would have saved me a lot of money and a lot of headaches – I can’t even phantom how much I would have saved if I did this first.”

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