What a Super Bowl Champion’s “SYSTEM” Calls For in Their Human Performance Event

In Start With No, Jim Camp revised a famous quote from Packers coach Vince Lombardi by discussing something he heard Lombardi say in person during spring practice in 1965. “Winning isn’t everything, but the will to prepare to win is everything,” Lombardi said. Think about that in the context of everything the Camp System of […]

Fixer-Upper Gone Wrong: A Lesson in Controlling Emotional Budgets

A story in the Wall Street Journal just before Thanksgiving perfectly illustrated what happens when people overtax their time, energy, financial, and emotional budgets. Austin Kilham told the story of a financial planner, Michael B. Karwic, whose client had become completely overwhelmed by her home. The house needed constant repair and attention, and while selling […]

The ‘No Talking’ Rule in Practice

In Jim’s Start With No, he begins the book with a discussion of how predators detect and prey upon weakness. Among wildlife, weakness takes many forms. Among humans, it is often demonstrated through neediness — and displaying neediness at the negotiation table can get you skinned alive. Neediness is communicated in a variety of ways. […]

Why It Takes a Mission and Purpose to Change the World

Good negotiators have to be resolute decision-makers. There is no getting around this. This is why the Camp System of Negotiation stresses the importance of a mission and purpose. Defining your chief function, your continuing task and responsibility puts a North Star in your sky — it allows your internal decision-making compass to find a […]

Moving Forward with Knowledge Continuity, a Sound Vision, and Experienced Leaders

First, some background on our late leader and inspiration, Jim Camp (1946-2014). Up until his recent passing, Jim was widely considered the leading global expert on negotiations. Over the last 26 years, he trained and coached over 100,000 people to negotiate better, more profitable agreements in more than 500 multinational organizations. Jim was the best-selling […]

The saddest thing in business

You could have the best marketing, the best products, great employees, be extremely motivated and have all the capital you need to build your business, but if you are a poor negotiator, you are likely to start wondering if you need better marketing, a better product, better employees, and more capital anyways. You might spend years […]

When the lack (or presence) of a valid System of Negotiation comes full circle (Part 4)

3) A sale is a voluntary exchange that requires, and is based on, an agreement that is voluntarily reached An often unseen reality One of the most challenging lessons that we human beings need to live but often don’t is to respect, value, feel completely safe, comfortable and at peace with the freedom of others […]

When the lack (or presence) of a valid System of Negotiation comes full circle (Part 3)

2) The exchange of money, and the real/perceived conflict of motives. Any person who writes about being careful about the impact of money in influencing our decisions runs the risk of sounding “preachy”. However, after each scandal, we collectively wring out hands and enact legislation to make the unrestrained pursuit of profit difficult. Humanity seems […]

Know where to go with Negotiator-Pro

I purchased Negotiator-Pro a few weeks ago, the new Camp system App over at www.salesforce.com . If you have read any of my blog posts, you know what I’ve said about the power and effectiveness of the Camp Negotiation Management System. But any system has to be more than just powerful and effective. It must […]