What the NBA’s Hottest Team Can Teach Us About Decision-Making

It is tempting to let sports serve as a metaphor for some other aspect of life, though this can devolve quickly into cliché. Still, there is a reason Camp Negotiation Systems uses the title Negotiation Coach, and those reasons are clear to anyone who has followed the NBA this season, particularly the surprising rise of […]

Team Negotiations: Why You Must Build Agreements Internally and Externally

Each of us has had to negotiate as part of a team before, even if we didn’t think in terms of negotiations at the time. This could be a matter of a husband and wife negotiating with an external party such as a neighborhood association, or perhaps three siblings working together to reach an agreement […]

The difference we deliver from our competition in one word

The real problem. Millions have attended “status quo” negotiation training seminars and workshops. The typical format is one in which attendees show up for a specified number of days, sit through a lecture or two, listen to a number of anecdotes, engage in some activities which may include role-plays, work through one or more case […]

What the Dalai Lama and a Dinosaur Can Teach Us About Being Not Okay

The need to feel okay is one of the most basic motivators of human behavior. “Okay” largely encompasses feelings of safety, comfort and confidence, so we humans will do all kinds of things just to feel okay. We go get a fresh haircut right before a big job interview or presentation. We make the extra […]

The Dangers of Failing to Blank Slate

Walking into a negotiation, deal, or really any situation with expectations and assumptions already made, is a recipe for disaster. In Start With No, Jim spent an entire chapter demonstrating the importance of blank slating, which is simply walking into an interaction with a mental blank slate. Blank slating allows you to listen, research and […]

What a Super Bowl Champion’s “SYSTEM” Calls For in Their Human Performance Event

In Start With No, Jim Camp revised a famous quote from Packers coach Vince Lombardi by discussing something he heard Lombardi say in person during spring practice in 1965. “Winning isn’t everything, but the will to prepare to win is everything,” Lombardi said. Think about that in the context of everything the Camp System of […]

Fixer-Upper Gone Wrong: A Lesson in Controlling Emotional Budgets

A story in the Wall Street Journal just before Thanksgiving perfectly illustrated what happens when people overtax their time, energy, financial, and emotional budgets. Austin Kilham told the story of a financial planner, Michael B. Karwic, whose client had become completely overwhelmed by her home. The house needed constant repair and attention, and while selling […]