The Camp Negotiation Institute Now Offers Advanced Negotiation Training Courses in Chinese

 (DUBLIN, OHIO – November 16, 2011) – The global popularity of the Camp Negotiation Institute’s advanced negotiation training courses has led to its courses being translated to Chinese.

The courses were translated to Chinese after many global organizations asked the Camp Negotiation Institute to offer negotiation training courses in Chinese so their Chinese speaking employees could receive advanced negotiation training while improving their English language skills.

Jim Camp, a world-renown negotiation coach and founder and CEO of the Camp Negotiation Institute states, “Over the past 18-months we have had corporate clients with Chinese employees taking our courses. They have had amazing financial success on the Mainland and in Taiwan with our system, but there has been a surprise benefit we did not anticipate. The courses are producing great improvement in the English language skills of the Chinese employees who must use both languages in their day-to-day work. The improvement is dramatic in both the spoken and written word. They are preparing to roll out the courses to all of their Chinese employees—not just those involved in negotiations.”

Besides offering negotiation training in English and Chinese, the Camp Negotiation Institute is currently translating their negotiation training courses to Russian with plans for European Spanish, South American Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, French, and Japanese.

The Camp Negotiation Institute is the world’s most sophisticated negotiation training and certification organization. The Camp Negotiation Institute has three levels of achievement: Master Team Member ®, Master Team Lead ® and Chief Negotiation Officer ® (CNO). Those earning the credentials will be recognized as possessing the gold standard in negotiation training and skills.

The Camp Negotiation Management System is delivered on a state-of-the-art, patented artificial intelligence learning platform that personalizes and customizes the content to maximize the learning experience for the participant. Hands-on coaching in conjunction with the online delivery assures the negotiation student with a complete mastery of the Camp System and immediate positive results upon enrollment. Students have earned thousands of found results while having only been enrolled in the courses 4-weeks while going against the most aggressive and predatory negotiators.

The Camp Negotiation Institute’s training program is rooted in the Camp Negotiation System, a proven, neuroscience decision based approach to negotiations that is now loaded into the only patented proprietary software program – the perfect science – tailored to the learning curve of each participant.

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