What Are Predatory Negotiation Practices?

Are you tired of your team getting kicked around at the negotiating table? Predatory or aggressive negotiation tactics are often used by seasoned negotiators to get concessions when they perceive weakness or “neediness” on your part.  Most are predicated on the need to assert power over an adversary to gain the upper hand. These “power games” can drive your agreements in an unfavorable direction—even derail them—unless you know what to look for.

Camp Negotiation Systems teach you to recognize and neutralize predatory practices in our proprietary, hands-on learning environment.  Once you understand the principles and emotions that drive this behavior, you’ll never be blindsided by these tactics again:

“Jim Camp has forgotten more about negotiating than other so-called ‘experts’ ever knew. You’ll benefit greatly from his wisdom and pragmatic advice.”

 T.J. Rogers, Chairman and CEO
Cypress Semi conductor

Discount Demands

Heightened Expectations of Suppliers

Saving the Relationship (Guilt/Friendship)

Eating Your Time Budget

Draining Your Energy Reserves

The Money Squeeze

The Shell Game (Who’s REALLY in Charge?)

Getting You to “Spill Your Beans”

At CNI you’ll learn how to prepare for negotiation in a systematic way that always keeps your mission and purpose clear no matter what the other side throws at you. You’ll learn new habits and systems for staying calm, focusing and communicating that result in smoother, less stressful (and more profitable) business transactions.

No one else teaches the psychology of negotiation like Jim Camp—and no one else offers a money-back guarantee.

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