Founded in 2010 by Jim Camp, the Camp Negotiation Institute (CNI) was born out of 23 years of conducting public and corporate trainings, billions of dollars in negotiations, and the publication of several best-selling books and on line educational products. The Institute is the first of its kind to offer certification training in the Camp Negotiation System method of negotiation skills, and is presented globally in English. It will soon be translated into Arabic, Chinese, Russian, European-Spanish and Latin American Spanish.

The CNI credentialing program utilizes proprietary, individualized learning software called BrainX, which is tailored to each student’s ability to learn and master the material. BrainX was developed by one of the world’s leading neurobiologists, Bruce Lewolt, the founder and CEO of BrainX, Inc. and chief architect of all CNI course offerings. CNI’s unique, guaranteed negotiation mastery system is offered nowhere else in the world.

The Mission and Purpose of CNI is to provide citizens of the world with the ability to build agreements that are ethical, profitable and stable. Individuals earning the Master Team Member®, Master Team Lead® and Chief Negotiation Officer® (CNO) credentials will be recognized by all interested parties as possessing the gold standard of negotiation skills.

Upon completion of the course material, individuals receive credentials from CNI after review by a distinguished six-member credentials committee made up of Chairmen and CEOs of publicly traded corporations and distinguished educators from America’s greatest universities.

Corporations, Institutions and Government Agencies partnering with CNI will gain the systems, infrastructure, mastery training and leadership training they need to create much more powerful agreements. Prior to founding CNI, Jim Camp’s Camp Coached Method typically resulted in 20% or more above targets in negotiations and a ROIT of 500% or more annually. The goal of CNI is to help individuals and organizations master the top-level negotiation skills necessary to build stronger agreements and business relationships worldwide.

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“Jim Camp has forgotten more about negotiating than other so-called ‘experts’ ever knew. You’ll benefit greatly from his wisdom and pragmatic advice.”

T.J. Rogers, Chairman and CEO
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Jim Camp Profile

JIM CAMP is the leading global expert on negotiations. Over the last 25 years, he has trained and coached over 100,000 people to negotiate better, more profitable agreements in more than 500 multinational organizations.

Camp is the best-selling author of two negotiation books, Start with No® and No: the Only System of Negotiation You Need for Work and Home. He is also the author of the Nightingale-Conant Audio Program, The Power of NO. Jim is founder and CEO of the Camp Negotiation Institute and inventor of the Camp Systems of Negotiation, including Camp Negotiation Management, Self-Management and Project Management systems. Camp negotiation training is not compromise-based. It is the only system of its kind that teaches students how to recognize, neutralize and overcome predatory negotiation tactics that result in poor outcomes. Hundreds of organizations, including numerous Fortune 500 companies and the FBI Hostage Crisis Negotiation Training Unit have used his training system with astonishing results.

Camp’s unique approach to negotiation training has been featured on CNN, CNBC, numerous radio shows, and in The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Inc., Cosmopolitan, San Francisco Chronicle, The Columbus Dispatch, The Christian Science Monitor, and San Jose Mercury News.

A frequent conference keynote speaker, Camp has also lectured on negotiation at many prestigious graduate schools in the US and has taught his training methods in nine countries on three continents.

Jim Camp served his country for seven years as a Vietnam Veteran and Air Force pilot. He holds a degree from Ohio State University in Education, Biological Sciences, and Health and Physical Education, and lives in Vero Beach, Florida and Dublin, Ohio with his wife Patty. They have five children and eight grandchildren.