Defeating a bully (part 3) – the strip line

Izzy Kalman uses a method to defeat the bully known as strip lining to people familiar with the Camp system. (I left out ‘doctor’ on front of Izzy’s name because he informed me that he is not a doctor. I will call him Izzy from now on) In the video clip, Izzy is in hostile territory, and the emotional pendulum of his adversary is too far to the negative side. He wants that emotional pendulum to move back into calmer territory. He uses a negative strip line to accomplish that objective. More on a what a negative strip line is can be found in Jim Camp’s book, “No: The Only Negotiation System You Need for Work and Home”:

.you do not try to brake the negativism. Instead, you are even MORE NEGATIVE than the adversary. By insinuating yourself right into the heart of the negativity, you startle the other side and thereby invite them to look at their attitude more carefully.

In the second part of the video, you can see how the strip lines startle the bullies. They look confused and become pensive when he uses strip lines. In contrast, in the first part of the video, he is totally predictable, and plays into the bullies’ hands.

Take a look if you haven’t already:

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William Chase

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