Negotiation Expert Predicts Loss of NBA Season “Eventually cooler heads will prevail.”

Dublin, OH – (Oct  24, 2011) Negotiation coach, Jim Camp, predicts that in the wake of the latest  breakdown of the talks between National Basketball Association (NBA) owners and  players, the 2011-2012 season of games will be cancelled if they don’t change  their mindset.

“Thanks to the  conventional collective bargaining process, both sides are now mad at each other  and unable to arrive at an agreement because the “other side” is not doing what  both parties believe they were supposed to do. Conflict is being created, not  solved,” says Camp.

Based on twenty-five  years coaching his system in deals that often involve millions of dollars, Camp,  the author of “Start With No” and founder of the Camp Negotiation Institute,  says the current impasse is predictable with both sides and the public losing  out as the negotiators come to the table thinking they know how the other  side will and should respond to their demands. “When they don’t,  conflict and emotional stalemate are the result,” says Camp.

“Once the season is  lost and frustrations are lowered as both sides go home, all sides will realize  that it was stupid, if not crazy, not to arrive at an agreement,” says Camp.  “Cooler heads will prevail, but under the current circumstances that is not  possible.” The talks ended on  Friday, Oct 24, when the two parties could not agree on how to split the  league’s $4 billion in revenue. The league reportedly moved its proposal from  giving the players 47% of the revenue to 50%, while the players lowered their  demand from a 53% demand to share 52.5% “Despite or because  of federal mediation,” says Camp, “the two sides are at an impasse because they  are now mad at each other because neither reacted as predicted in  preparations.” “Based on the  science of neuroscience,” says Camp, “all negotiations are driven by emotion and  not by the popular belief that facts are the driving force.That is the failure  of bargaining.” Camp noted that the  similar impasse in Congress over the reduction of the national debt has resulted  in a failed “grand bargain” and the birth of a “super committee” that has been  charged with the responsibility of finding ways to meet this requirement. If  they fail, automatic cuts will be instituted.

“You can put money  on the fact they will not find any common ground of agreement even though the  current national debt exceeds $14 billion dollars, an amount equal to the entire  gross domestic product.  The same dynamics  apply to the NBA and the players, both of whom have hired lawyers who are paid  by the hour to argue,” said Camp. “When the season is cancelled, both sides will  eventually return to the negotiations with the players saying we made a mistake  here and the owners telling their lawyers to make a deal.” In 2010, Camp  created his institute to provide instructions to anyone who participates on how  to successfully negotiate, certifying them to become a Master Team Member®, a Master Team Lead® or a  Chief Negotiation Officer®.

The Institute maintains a website at _www.campnegotiationinstitute.com_  ( .

Camp’s unique  approach to negotiation has been featured on CNN,  CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune,  Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Inc., Cosmopolitan, and numerous daily  newspapers and radio shows.

Camp’s experiences  have been a long trip from having been an Air Force pilot for seven years. A  Vietnam War veteran, Camp has been a sales executive, and entrepreneur. Along  the way he evolved a unique understanding of successful negotiating. He holds a  degree from Ohio  State  University in Education, Biological  Sciences, and Health and Physical Education. He and his wife Patty have five  children and eight grandchildren, dividing their time between homes in  Dublin, Ohio  and Vero Beach,  Florida


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  2. This was a very interesting and bold move, making a prediction associated with such a public event. I’ve studied your negotiation systems and have applied some of its principles successfully in marketing and helping clients negotiate sponsorships. Thanks for the wisdom

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